Monday, August 06, 2012

Coming soon

First, let me apologize for the crappy pictures-I took them in a hurry the night before we left town, so all you get is crummy lighting and bits of my messy sewing room in the background.

School is starting soon, and Samantha has to have a bigger backpack this year (it has to hold a folder and her lunchbox-last years was too small). Since I like a challenge (and am quite possibly crazy), I decided to make it. She helped pick out fabric-the flowered print is for the backpack, and I'm using Rae's toddler backpack pattern, with the mods for a larger size.

One of the dogs chewed up her lunchbox last year, and when I saw Melanie's adorable lunchboxes, I knew I had to make a lunchbox as well. I'm using Erin's pattern. I'm a little intimidated. The adorable dino fabric is for the lunchbox. We are seriously into dinos around here these days.

I'm also planning to make some snack and sandwich bags for her from the cute Eric Carle fabric we used for the babies' birthday.

Daddy has also requested his own set of bags, and today decided that he wants a new lunchbox too, so he's looking at patterns.

I'm also planning a new dress for back to school, so it looks like August will be a busy sewing month!

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