Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School Week: Dino Lunchbox

Welcome back to back to school week! Today I'm showing off Samantha's new lunchbox.

I was inspired by Melanie's adorable lunchboxes, I had to make one for Samantha. Her lunchbox last year was ruined, so I had an excuse to make a new one. I used Erin's pattern and PUL from JoAnn's with Insulbrite for insulation.

Dino lunchbox

I have to stop and rave about this pattern - it is fantastic! So many great pictures. Just enough hand holding to make you feel like you can do it! I did make a mistake right out of the gate - I sewed my insulbrite to my lining fabric - not a terrible mistake, but I think the outside of the bag would be 'sturdier' if I had interfaced the correct fabric. I also used Melanie's mod to cut a square out to box the corners, so that I didn't have to try to line up those super bulky seams.

I was intimidated by the zipper (you fold part of it back, and I wasn't sure I was doing it right). But it was SO EASY! Seriously - the easiest zipper I've installed in anything. And I feel like I learned a few tricks for future zipper installations.

Dino lunchbox interior

I love the pocket, and was glad I included it. It is the perfect size for Samantha's icepack. I made my bag slightly deeper (on accident), but I can still stand Samantha's sippy cup inside it, so I am glad about that! I omitted the bottom insert, because of the insulbrite, it stands up well without it. I also used webbing for the handles so I didn't have to fuss with folding the pul. Luckily, I had a blue zipper the correct length, as I forgot to buy one when I got the rest of my supplies! Thank goodness for stash! The PUL for the interior was leftover from the diaper pail bags I made for my sister, sister-in-law and myself.

I highly, highly recommend this pattern! I am looking forward to making more lunchboxes for Ben and Ellie next year!

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