Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School Week: Flower Backpack

Today I've got a big finish to share - Samantha's backpack! I had ordered her an adorable Skip:Hop backpack last year (the owl!) and loved it, but it doesn't fit a folder in it, so her work came home slightly bent all year. And I've heard that her teachers this year really expect the folder and lunchbox to fit inside. So we had to have a bigger backpack.

Backpack front

I had emailed Rae to make sure her pattern would be big enough, (and it is!) and took Samantha shopping for fabric. We lucked upon this cute fabric - 'girly' without being too much. (It is home-dec weight from Hobby Lobby).

Backpack back

This project gave me more that a few fits. I felt like I couldn't baste my piping close enough to the cord - this was my first time using piping, and I hope it gets easier! I also had trouble stitching my side panels  close enough to the zipper, and there is a small gap at the base of the zipper I'll close up by hand. (Next time I use the trick I learned from the lunchbox and buy a longer zipper and cut the bottom off so I don't have to worry about hitting the metal stopper!). I also misplaced my D rings, so had to use another ring, making my straps not adjustable. I found them though, so I may rip out the straps and sew in the D rings. I also wish I had used matching thread for the piping basting, as you can see my basting stitches - I can go back and rip them out if I want to.

Most of my troubles were doubting myself, so I think it will be easier the next time. I'm still deciding if I'll go back and line and interface it. It's a bit floppy, but I'm not too worried about that. I do think I'll make another one.

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  1. Looks great to me! And I'm sure she likes it, which is what's important - although, if she's bothered by basting issues, you may have a sewing buddy in the making, so it's good either way! :-)