Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School Week: Rocketship Lunchbox

For our last Back to School week post, I have my husband's new lunchbox to share with you! He's been asking for one for a while, and after I made Samantha one, he had to have a new one too. He searched all over for fabric that he liked, and settled on these rocketships and numbers. We chose Heather Bailey's Jack and JIll lunch bag pattern. He wanted it to be insulated, so I used insulbrite instead of regular interfacing, and his fabric was not laminated cotton.


In the end, I don't love this project. The handle doesn't line up at the top of the lunchbag no matter how I fold down the top, and I put it exactly where the pattern specified. I also feel like there is too much top to the bag - it doesn't need to roll down that much! But he's OK with it, and hopefully it will serve it's purpose. I'm sad though that I probably won't use this pattern again - it's hard to buy something I'll only use once! Maybe I'll try it again with laminated cotton sometime.


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  1. Is laminated cotton waterproof? I am going to make some fabric snack bags in the near future and yesterday at Joanns I could't choose between the laminated cotton (which I have never seen before) and the PUL fabric. I ended up getting th PUL fabric. Any suggestions?