Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Nursery Stitching

I enjoy dabbling in embroidery from time to time. I knew I wanted some 'art' for the walls of the nursery, so I dug out some of my patterns, and chose some cute animals that went along with the woodland theme.

Raccoon and Owl Embroidery

These guys are from Doodle Stitching. I thought they looked cute together, and that the owl needed to be in a tree. :)

Bunny and Hedge Embroidery

More Doodle Stitching, with falling leaves!

Deer and Squirrel embroidery

A little 'ensemble' from Doodle Stitching. Wish the tree was a bit bigger than the deer!

Gnome Home Embroidery

A a little gnome home completes the set. I love these guys!

Embroidery in Nursery

These hang on the wall above their bookcase. It's a short wall (entry hall on one side and bathroom door on the other), so they just fit very nicely!

Nursery Shelf

I used the first Doodle Stitching book to stitch up this little raccoon and owl. I really liked the way they turned out! I moved the Christmas trees back to this shelf to make a little forest. :)

forest friends cross stitch

And I stitched up these guys as well. (Blogged here) They hang near the changing table.

I love that I was able to add some personality with stitching! I enjoy handwork, but don't do it very often because I'm so often knitting instead. I need to make more time for it!

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