Thursday, August 30, 2012

For our last little project

We made a mobile! I had loved this bird mobile from the first time I saw it (which was a while back!). I was a bit intimidated to try it (sewing curves is not my strong suit yet), but decided to give it a try. I used small bits and pieces of fabric from my stash and made 8 birds. They came together very quickly, but it took almost a year before hubby helped with the assembly and hanging of the branches.

Bird Mobile

I sewed the birds onto the branches, and then we used fishing line to tie the branches together and hang them from the ceiling. One bird is upside down because I bumped it right before I took this picture, and knew I might not have another chance to take another picture anytime soon, so upside down it stays. It needs to be resewn on.

And those are all the projects I made for the nursery! Check back tomorrow to see the final tour of the nursery!

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