Thursday, January 11, 2007

What day is it?

This firs week back to work has been a bit nuts - we're testing (I know - the first week after 2 1/2 weeks off!), and I can't seem to remember what day it is since we're not in our regular routine.

Some scattered thoughts:

1. My computer is back! Yay! And for the low, low price of $511.07 I have a new LCD. We were really hoping it was the backlight cable (a piece less than $100.00), but sadly, it was not. We also had to buy a new charger for $86.79. With these new costs, the memory and new battery we put in last year, I've almost bought an entire second computer. Oh well. I really like my little (old) ibook, so it's fine. It's almost five years old - so it's served me really well in that time.

2. I got a new camera a few weeks ago - not really a Christmas present, but a right after purchase. I've been wanting a smaller one for blogging purposes, being able to take one with me everyday, and so hubbo and I don't both need to take the better camera to school on the same days. It's a Kodak EasyShare C533. I'm very pleased with it - it's easy to use and the quality of the pictures is good. Best part? It cost $129.00 at Target.

3. The two new projects are Salina (in the green - it's Rowan felted tweed, and I am IN LOVE with it. I love the moss stitch, and the tweedy bits. Yum), and a simple top down cardigan in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky. I'm hoping that this turns out to be a cozy cardigan for the classroom - it's so soft!

4. One of our "to do" items for this year (my list of things that I wanted to accomplish in 2007 is crazy long, so hubbo and I decided that it was our to do list instead of a list of resolutions), is to plan our meals and branch out. We usually eat from the same 7-8 items each week - pork, chicken, turkey and the occasional fish. We cook a lot on the grill (since it's so warm year round here), which is fine, but limiting in the number of ways to cook something. So far this week (our first week), we've had Jambalaya, trout with red potatoes and asparagus, shrimp tacos and chicken enchiladas with tomatillo sauce and mexican rice. It has all been wonderful, and we have some simple comfort foods planned for the rest of the week. Hubbo is really enjoying himself (except for all the extra time it takes, since he hasn't made these before), and my tummy is very happy.

5. None of the recent pictures of the hoodie are an accurate color. It really is a leaf green. Hopefully tomorrow we will get home when the sun is still out and I can take a better picture. But so you know that I've been working on it, and not those new projects, here's a shot 4 1/2 inches into the hood. Oooooh. Ahhh. Only 7 more inches to go.

6. I've spent way too much time the last few days on a secret project that is a bit frustrating - I had to rip out ten rows last night, but I kept on and I am only about 20 rows from the end. Hoping to be done by Friday night.

Must run to pack my lunch and my knitting bag. And to find something to wear. What day is it?


  1. Oh boy, new toy! Can't wait to see Salina done.

  2. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Last year I made a resolution to make one new recipe a week. I would pick one from any one of my many cooking magazines. I kept up with it for a few months, and some of them have made it into a regular rotation!

  3. Anonymous1:33 PM

    We are also trying to plan out meals - not for variety (although I'm sneaking that one in too) but for eating earlier and therefore getting more sleep. So far, it's going so-so. Trying to keep from getting too creative so that dinner takes 2 hours to prepare and we eat at 9pm...

  4. You're making me very hungry!! Oh, secrety project - will we ever get to find out what it is??

  5. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Your "to do" list sounds like a good idea. I have one too -- lots of things to accomplish in 2007.

    Sorry to hear about your computer but I'm glad it's fixed for you. And go on that hoodie! You're almost there!

  6. Love the recipe idea. You mean life isn't all about knitting?

  7. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Oooh, the hoodie is looking so good! I started the CPH too and finished a sleeve and have started the other sleeve. Love how it's knitting up, very fun!