Monday, January 15, 2007

Finally, a FO! (oh, and someone won the contest!)

My first finished object of the year! And one a long time coming.
Pattern: Generic sock over 72 stitches
Yarn: Trekking XXL 129
Needles: ChiaGoo Bamboo DPNs sz US 1
Dates: End of July 2006 to Saturday January 13, 2007
Mods: n/a
Thoughts: one of my most favorite pairs of socks yet - I love the colors in these socks. And they are even more special, since the yarn was bought with Ms. Scout!

They did take way too long to knit up, but I attribute that mostly to the fact that they were car knitting for several weeks - a few rounds to and from school was all the action they have seen in a while. But it does show that those few rounds can really add up! I cannot wait to wear them to school tomorrow - nice and chilly here, perfect wool sock weather!

There may be another FO lurking around these parts, check back soon!

Oh, and I'll bet y'all want to know who won the contest, huh? Guesses really ran the gauntlet - from very low to just a few too many. Surprisingly, two people were very close, but one was closer.

With a guess of 613, Jennie is the winner! Before the great falling off the wagon, I had 604 balls of yarn in the stash. Congrats Jennie! Email me your address so I can send your prize!

I'll admit that I was a bit horrified with this number. It seems SOOOOOO big. I'm trying to make myself feel better by justifying that several sweaters worth of yarn included in that number are knitpicks yarns, with their low yardages. That makes it better, right?

A few of you wanted to know about my spreadsheet - I just made columns for Brand, type, color, weight, number of skeins and yardage. Easy cheesy. I'd be happy to email it to any of you who want it, but really, it's pretty basic.

I was also horrified to discover that I have over 20 miles of sock yarn. I think I need an intervention.


  1. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Thats a lot of stash yarn! lol

    Your socks look great! I need to get crackin on my second pair of socks so I have warm wool socks. My feet were cold this evening!

  2. Oooh! I like your socks.

  3. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Your stash seems perfectly reasonable to me. :)

    Great socks! We knitters definitely have an advantage in this kind of weather.

  4. Oh they are GREAT!

  5. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Love your socks! For some reason they make me think of ice cream.

  6. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Lovely socks! I'm so envious of your stash. Mine is full of cheap acrylic stuff given to me by well-meaning family. Oh well; sweaters for hard-wearing little boys!

  7. You don't need no stinkin' interventiion. Your stash hurts no-one. Except for maybe a family member it falls over on! But yarn is soft, so, not problem!

  8. I LOVE those socks!!

    Really, your stash doesn't seem that unreasonable to me. :)

  9. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Love the socks! As for the stash, I'm pleased that I was fairly close. :) Don't be horrified, you'll put it all to great use!

  10. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Great socks! First FO done!!!

    If this is knitnlit, and you want an intervention for the "knit" part, can you intervene for me on the "lit" part? I'll intervene for you on the knit part. I got a pile of books for Christmas. Then bought more while away this weekend. But spend almost all my free time knitting, not reading. I have no idea when I think I'll ever read all that I's a sickness. :)

  11. cute socks!
    i totally started with the spreadsheet thing, and now...
    i'd rather not look.

  12. I'd be happy to provide an intervention in the way of a trip to a yarn store. Congrats on another pair of great socks. Those needles have changed my life, btw.

  13. Gorgeous socks!

    There's nothing wrong with 20 miles of sock yarn. *ahem*

  14. Anonymous9:42 PM

    Thank you for awarding me the Best Guesser prize!

    And about the sock yarn? Intervention, Schminter... something. It probably takes a good half mile to make a sock anyway. In the new math, perhaps.