Saturday, January 20, 2007

Git yer updates here!

Here we go - hang on to your hats!

Smug Sheep started a lovely pink sock - yum!

ZantiMissKnit has several WIPs in her basket - I hope some are for her!

Sarah Janet has started a lovely Mountain Peaks shawl and is working on Rogue - it looks great!

Prairie Girl is working on her Irish Hiking Scarf and Samus - love the colors!

Go wish Emilee a Happy Birthday - and check out her Clapotis and new socks!

Bronwyn has spun up some gorgeous yarn!

Nessa is having sock frustration and pooling issues. Advice?

Leisel has a great felted bag - and I think I have some of that colorway in the stash....hmmmm......

Theresa finished a pretty pink Branching Out - all the scarf you need in San Diego!

Karen finished up a pretty picot-edged Picovoli this week - another out of the UFO basket!

Elizabeth took inventory of her sock yarn stash - you know, I'm pretty sure it's acceptable to give away to use it up for the marathon. I'm sure we could find someone who would take those lovelies off your hands!

Mamma has been crazy busy! She knit Starsky, had a minor rust crisis (though I would have freaked out!), but all seems well. She's also working on quite a few other projects - very inspiring!

Kenyatta also had a happy birthday yesterday! And she decided to keep her great Monkey socks for herself - right on!

Liz is having some Jaywalker issues - what's up with the socks lately? Poor folks with socky issues! That sucks!

Abigail has lost her sock mojo as well! If you see Mr. Sock Mojo, could you point him in the direction of Arizona? She did finish a pair of felted booties, which I'm sure are keeping her tootsies warm in the snow they're getting!

Katherine received lots of yummy yarn - can we come over and roll around in it?

Lu is working on seaming her Debbie Bliss Simple Jacket - sending seaming mojo!

Rachel is working on an amazing cardi - go see!

Morgan needs our love right now. Send good thoughts.

Minty has a lovely neck 'hug' to keep her warm in the snow they finally got!

BeccaU has a good lesson for us - if it doesn't fit you, it must fit someone!

Juls finished a cute martini dishcloth.

Karla finished her Broadripple Hybrids and is working on her new socks - cute!

Lauren is working on a great blue basketweave scarf.

Amaryllis started the Nantucket Jacket - love this sweater!

Rahime is working hard on her new socks - love the striping!

We have a few newbies this week!

Amy is working on some great socks for herself!

Mary is working hard on her yoke sweater - hopefully she'll see the finish line soon!

cath_r1n is working on a sweater for herself - she's through the back!

Spasmo is working on Lady E - all for her! I love that knit - can't wait to see it!

Yvonne is working on fingerless gloves, very nice socks with a lace pattern and the Bejeweled scarf.

Whew! Have a great week - finish some of those knits for yourself!


  1. I finished my "non gift" for me - the Bejeweled scarf. Blogged it here:

  2. Anonymous12:47 AM

    Great, I found you again! Yes, I finished one fingerless glove and it is to be seen on my weblog:
    It's a super glove!

  3. I finished my Bejeweled for me, and I've got a pair of Monkey socks that I have yet to post that I also finished for me. I'm going to take a break and knit a hat for one of my kids, but then it's back to more knitting for me!

  4. Yeehaw me! (Patting my self on the back!)

    After a lengthy period of neglect, I've finished my IHS! Wore it today as a matter of fact! Now. Just have to get on with Samus! The body is done, I just need to start (well and of course finish) the sleeves and trim!