Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ready for justice

The sock and I are ready for tomorrow's adventure. We have packed the necessary knitting, and a book just in case the knitting is confiscated (hey, I've been reading up, and apparently this is all too common. Please. As if my 5" 2.25mm bamboo needles are more dangerous than my car keys.).

Unfortunately, I discovered today that if I am dismissed before noon I have to go back to school. Granted, I get the rest of the day as a "work" day (ie I don't have to teach and my sub doesn't lose a half day's pay), but still. C'mon people - don't you know that half the "fun" of jury duty is the possiblity that you'll be excused and get the day off? Oh, and I have to prove that I have jury duty or get docked a personal day - I have to turn in a copy of my summons and a copy of my "dismissal form" that has the time I was excused on it. Great. No way out of that one.

I figure one of two things will happen: I will be dismissed at 11:59, or I will be seated on a jury. Every teacher I've spoken to in the past few days who's had jury duty within the last year has been seated on a jury, and missed 2-5 days of school. Fab. Apparently they like the teachers.

Ah well. Fingers crossed for lots of good knitting time at any rate.

P.S. The spring Interweave preview is up. There are a few that look promising. Too bad I'm not buying any yarn right now.
Thanks for all the sweet comments on the green hoodie - I've been wearing it a lot and I've decided that if I want to wear it every day, that's OK! I made it damnit! I think this will be one I literally wear out.


  1. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Good luck at Jury Duty - yuck. Although I made fabulous progress on a baby sweater last time I went. Here's hoping you get dismissed at 12:41!! BTW, I had no problem getting my KnitPicks circs int o the courthouse - but camera phones were being confiscated right and left.

  2. Can you bring your knitting? I didn't think you were allowed??

  3. I hope you get seated so you get a little break!

  4. WARNING!! When I had jury duty in August, my needles were confiscated, but not my knitting! I didn't have time to take my bag back to my car, so I had to take my knitting off the needles. The security guys were apologetic. I ended up writing a letter to the Jury Commissioner about how unhappy I was sitting in the room waiting with nothing to do, especially since nothing on the jury info website warned me that knitting was unallowed. Two different projects came off the needles that day. I did get the needles back, and was able to salvage the projects, but I was so mad!!! You might want to call today and ask ahead of time.

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  6. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Oooooo... What is that yarn?? Looks very yummy. I love the colorway!!

  7. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Good luck with the jury duty. Please post if they let your "dangerous" needles in our not. I have jury duty coming up, too, and the thought of all that time without knitting is terrible!

  8. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Oh, yeah--you're going down. Three teachers at my kids' school have been seated on juries this year already. My husband and I (both lawyers) have been called repeatedly and immediately excused. I'm not sure whether to be insulted.

  9. Think of how much knitting you'd get done if you were sequestered!

  10. Anonymous2:00 PM

    I hope they let you keep the knitting, and make the best of a bad situation. Is it any needle, or only the metal kind? Fingers crossed for you to post about your dismissal!

  11. I was able to bring knitting, but not the TINY little scissors I had. They made me leave those in a big old envelope with my name. The guards were nice about it though, and I still had teeth, so who really needs scissors.

  12. Good luck with jury duty! I hope you can knit. I would be literally jumping around in my seat if I couldn't. :)

    BTW, I am making an Hourglass too! What yarn are you using? I'm using Knitpicks Andean Silk. It is YUMMY!

  13. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Hope you got to enjoy a day of knitting. Our school has the same policy about having to some back to school to "work" even though they pay the sub for the day. Why can't they just give us poor teachers a break???

  14. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Ooh! I got on a jury and made an entire sweater, just about! There is lots of off time on a jury, so I did that much (well, also on BART as I commuted) even though knitting was *not* allowed in the courtroom itself.

    I even got some wry comments about being Madame DeFarge. (We did find the guy guilty, but man, he was SO guilty.)

    So happy with my sweater!