Friday, January 26, 2007

That's Madam Foreperson to you

Yep. Got seated. Three day trial. Finally done.

And what's better than coming home to new sock yarn?

What? I'm not supposed to be buying yarn? Huh, I don't recall saying that. Perhaps I need to be cross-examined.

The top two are Fearless Fibers in smoke and sublime. Bottom are sKNITiches in Collegiate and Yarn Pirate in Malamute from The Loopy Ewe. All is fab. Will not calculate the new milage of the sock yarn tonight. Will not.


  1. Ohhhhh... I love the Sublime from Fearless Fibers! What a gorgeous colour! One would say, well... that it's sublime!

    I don't think four small little teensy weensy skeins of yarn would hurt anyone's stash! They're hardly noticeable at all! Besides, after doing your duty on jury, I firmly believe you deserve a treat for being such a good citizen! :)

  2. Teachers, being the great pillars of the community that you are, don't stand a chance of getting out of jury duty. :-)

    Fearless Fibers is my current favorite sock yarn. The colors and the yardage are outstanding. Don't feel guilty about buying only two skeins!

  3. Lovely sock yarn! A great reward for surviving jury duty.

    I always get seated too. It's a teacher thing I suppose.

  4. Oooooh! Love the Malamute!!

    BUT, were you allowed to take your knitting into the courthouse?? That's what I want to know.

  5. Sock yarn doesn't count, right? ;)

  6. Thanks, Jenn! And love the new sock yarn...heh.

  7. Gorgeous yarn! I can't wait to see the socks.

  8. Anonymous8:15 PM

    I have a summons to jury duty for Monday, AND I'm a teacher. Should I take plenty of knitting with me???

    Love the sock yarn! Maybe if I get seated, my reward to myself will be some new sock yarn...