Tuesday, January 09, 2007

So close, and yet so far

All the pieces of the Central Park Hoodie are finished. All that's left is seaming, the hood and the button bands. So why don't I want to work on it?


  1. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Knitting is the fun part. I always stall out on the finishing part. It will sit waiting to be seamed until I have three or four projects ready for finishing. Then I have a big finishing part.

    Your Hoodie looks great. What a rich deep green.

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    I love that color! And the pattern... I'd make it myself, but I'm with you with the stalling on seaming. I have a cardigan in progress that's been sitting with both fronts, the back, and a sleeve and a half done, and I haven't touched it since two summers ago. I've resolved to pull it out and finish it this year - I haven't finished that second sleeve because as of now it's still a knitting UFO. If I finish the sleeve, it's just a bunch of fabric sitting there waiting for me to do something!

  3. Anonymous12:42 PM

    There must be something about this project. The same thing happened to me -- I was all finished with the pieces and even debated ripping it out. Just start the hood and don't think about it...it's lots of stockinette and then you will be practically done! Hang in there!!! Good luck!!!

  4. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Making up is always the hardest part of a project for me. Usually downing half a bottle of red wine and turning on some loud girlpunk does the trick!

  5. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Because sewing seams is not knitting.

  6. Yep, count me in of the seaming procrastintion. That's one reason that I like Elizabeth Zimmermann and Jacqueline Fee's seamless sweaters so much!!! A pair of socks worth of kitchnering at the underarms and you are DONE except for the ends and blocking.

  7. You are so close! The color of your hoodie is fantastic!

    Amanda :)

  8. Anonymous10:08 PM

    It's because it's seaming!! It's evil!

  9. I always dawdle forever before doing the finishing on a big project...