Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Last of the Stash Enhancement

My postal carrier/UPS people were busy yesterday. Among the fun things they brought me were bills, an invitation to subscribe to Vogue Knitting (which I filled out and sent in last year, only to never receive a magazine), a jury summons (my first - I'm less than thrilled), and yarn. Good thing there was yarn, or the jury summons might have put me over the edge.

The Nature Wool is for the Sunshine Circle Jacket (what can I say - I love to make things the color they are in the magazine. For me the two really go hand in hand - if it's not a "me" color I often won't like the design. Luckily, most colors are "me" colors.), and the newnewnew Cotton Ease is for the Nantucket Jacket (again, nearly the same color). Hubbo is not a fan of the new label on the Cotton Ease (why does he care?), but I am pleased with this color. It is Terracotta and pretty much exactly the color I hoped it would be. If you're looking for the new Cotton Ease I highly recommend They were offering free shipping on orders over $25.00 (which they do often), and it is 3.99/ball. It is also available from discount yarn sale, but since they charge an outrageous amount to ship (I think my last order cost just over a dollar to ship and they charged me $7.95), and they've had an outstanding order for me since September (which they seem to care nothing about and will not cancel the order), I didn't want to give them any more of my business.

While we're on the topic - the Nature Wool came from I strongly urge you, if you haven't ordered from them, to go take a peek and find something for yourself. They do require a minimum order of $25, but that's not hard with all the great deals they have. I've always requested parcel post for shipping, and been upgraded to priority mail every time. They send you an email when your order is being shipped and write a little note on the inside. No, I don't get a cut of their profits, but I love to share outstanding service when I find it.

This will be it for a while on major yarn purchases. And I'm really OK with that. I did a bit of a project yesterday on my last vacation day - stop by tomorrow to see!

Back to school today. Must drink more coffee.


  1. I love LittleKnits as well. They have great sales all of the time, so check the site often. And no, I am not getting a cut of the profits either!

  2. Anonymous11:34 AM

    So glad you got some good mail in with the bad!

    I'm not sure if you received my previous comment, but for the knitalong, I'll be doing the lace stole and pink camisole. I'm going to mention it in my next post, which will be around the weekend. Thanks for hosting this!

  3. Me too! The last thing I ordered from LittleKnits I requested parcel post and was upgraded. And my stuff arrived in like 2 days (I'm guessing, but it came really really fast). They rock!

  4. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Yummy yarn. I didn't know Cotton Ease had been reborn. I may try that if I ever reknit Spring Forward. I'm off to check out Little Knits!

  5. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Oooh, great tips on the yarn purchases! I'll have to try out that website and the Cotton Ease.

  6. cotton ease is back?!?!?!?! You've made my day!!!!!

  7. Anonymous1:43 AM

    hahaha i think that is super funny that your hubbo is not a fan of the new label! that cracked me up (I was a bit loud, and woke dd up at 1:47am) hehe.

  8. There's nothing better than yarny mail!

    Little knits is the best too. I love shopping there.

  9. Is the Cotton Ease the same yarn as before, just in new colors?

  10. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Is your Nature Wool in "pumpkin"? I found 4 skeins of that on sale at an AC Moore while I was travelling over the holidays. I loved the colorway, so I snapped it all up. I think it's destined to be a pair of knee socks!

    And Little Knits rocks. Great service every time. Thanks for the warning about Discount Yarn...I was considering ordering Cotton Ease from them, but now I most definitely will not. :)