Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The blog'll be better tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar...

Not a lot tonight - sleepy. And dark when I got home, so no good pink/red pictures for you. Boo.

I do have some exciting news! I stayed up late last night, and at 11:5something finished weaving in the ends on my Trekking socks! Better pic and details tomorrow, right now just proof that they're done!

I did cast on for a new pink sweater. But more on it tomorrow too. So far, I love it! And I'm working on some sock ideas, both for me and my sockpal. But again, tomorrow! (Are you sensing the theme yet?)

Randomly - it was 93 degrees here today. We broke a 107 year old record. Yikes. It was too freaking hot for March 1! And tomorrow and the rest of the weekend it will be in the 60s. Much better.

Finally, the monthly goals!

February Goals:
1. Finish Turtle Neck Shrug by Feb 4. - DONE
2. Finish second Jaywalker by Feb 14 (Hopefully by Feb 10, in time for Olympic knitting) - DONE
3. Olympic knitting! - DONE
4. Start plain sock for me - brain break and portable knitting during the Olympics. - STARTED AND FINISHED BOTH!
5. Order yarn for Olympic knitting and Sockpal socks! - DONE
6. Make some progress on Ribby Cardi - ideally one sleeve and one front, but that seems like a big bite with Olympic Knitting and all... - one sleeve DONE
7. Read 4 more books and post reviews of them! - 3 down

1. Start sockpal socks
2. Start and finish Knitpicks socks
3. Finish ribby cardi
6. Some progress on leaf lace shawl
7. Swatch/start sweater with joann's yarn
8. Gift for baby of undetermined sex.

I'd also maybe like to start my Union Square Market Pullover. Hmmmmm.... and/or Bristow, from Knitty. Both are pink/red.

That picture yesterday had yarn for all these projects (firm and potential!) and yarn for some "filler knits" - A hat to match my mittens, a felted hat (a la The Flowers on a Grave hat from the Anti-Craft), and armwarmers. We'll see if I get to them.

I was suprised at how much I knit last month that wasn't on the list! I don't think I'll be straying too far this month unless it's a "possiblity" listed above.

I wish I had some pictures for you. One of my "goals" for project spectrum is to take the camera with me every day and try to take "color" oriented photos for y'all. Tomorrow!

Just for kicks, the yarn out tally. I'm working on the yarn in tally to go along with this. Tomorrow? (see, the theme again!)


Out: 8

And, finally, because it ties into that huge pile 'o acylicy goodness from yesterday, I guess I really am a ghetto knitter!

Red heart! Inexpensive, cheap easy to find, and

bright colors. That's all I need.

What brand of yarn are you? (Knitting)
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Oh, and thanks for all the eye tips - it drove me nuts on and off today - The Husband think's it stress, but I wonder if it's need for sleep!
And I do have a photobucket account, but the other night I couldn't get it to upload pictures either! Argh!


  1. Your Trekking socks are gorgeous!! That colorway is so striking and beautiful, especially with the pinks and browns. Give that girl and F for Sock a Month KAL! ;-) And I'd love to see you do the Union Square Market Pullover. It's such a pretty knit! Take care, Jenn! :-)

  2. Great job on the socks!

  3. you are my hero!!!!