Saturday, March 11, 2006

I like pink

Just a little bit. The Husband likes to mock my like of pink. It's funny, a few years ago right before I bought my first pink t-shirt, I wasn't sure if I should buy something so "girly." I wore a lot of dark colors in high school (my parents used to call me Jenny Cash) and continued to wear much of the same in college. I did lighten up the wardrobe a bit later in college, but still no pink. I think I've gotten over it.

This is just a small fraction of the pink items in my house.

And because I HAVE been knitting this week:

These are all the pieces of Ribby minus one sleeve. I cast on for the second sleeve yesterday morning in the orthodontist's office, but sadly, it stayed at home today. I decided that I didn't want to drag the first sleeve with me, and I would need to in order for my obsessive-compulsive self to be satisified with it being the correct length. So, when I get back next week I'll finish it up, have a blocking party and seam it up. Then I'll sit around and try to find a zipper to match - I'm thinking I'll have to order one, anyone have any experience ordering zippers online? I've heard of zipperstop, but have no idea how long that will take. Of course, it was 83 yesterday - too hot for sweaters soon. Oh, and go see Chris' finished Ribby - it looks great!

Oh, and Jillian did my research for me - it turns out NOW really did say that we shouldn't be knitting. Glad I don't have any extra cash to give them. I can't believe they are that out of touch with today's women. Maybe they need to hear from us.


  1. Ha ha ha, Jenny Cash . . . that's funny!!! I went through a huge pink phase in high school (all that preppy argyle stuff) and then it was black black and more black in college (my so-called punk phase, sans the purple hair!!!). I'm started to be okay with color again - isn't if funny how we go in cycles? Pink looks so good on you though - I remember the picture of you modeling the pink shrug. Looks like your Ribby is coming out wonderful!!! Can't wait to see it all seamed up and with the zipper (zippers still scare me!)

  2. Anonymous5:24 AM

    I'm a late convert to pink - I'm just now starting to like it & wear it! Thanks for sharing your pinkie world. :::Grin:::

    "Jenny Cash" - that cracks me up. hehe

  3. You're so sweet, Jenn! Thanks so much! Your Ribby is looking beautiful!! I LOVE the pink and brown combo! I'd love to make that pattern again in a two-toned version and pink and brown would be my top choice. Can't wait to see yours!! I've heard that Zipperstop is pretty quick with shipping- usually within 3 days? I'd really like to try a custom zipper next time, too. And look at all your beautiful pinks!! I love it!! Take care, Jenn! :-)