Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fat Tuesday

Feeling water logged today, appropriate, no?

I'll try to catch up, if blogger will allow me to upload pictures! OK - I got two, so for now you have to imagine the yarn for The Husband's pirate hat - black pirates with a brick red background. Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport.

The second Trekking sock is at the toe decreases.

I was worried that I would need to buy yarn for the charity knitting, as I didn't think I had a good stash. Ha. I think I'll be OK. This is now residing in a hyouge plastic JoAnn's bag next to the couch, just waiting for tomorrow!

Tonight I gathered all of the yarn that I will start knitting up tomorrow. Or not. Perhaps I just gathered all of the pink/red yarn that has potential to be cast on tomorrow. Ahh, but what is it all for? All shall be revealed tomorrow!

This post is a bit incoherent. My apologies for the scatteredness.

I went back to the fabric stores today hoping that they had gotten in some new "springy" fabrics - nope. I'm thinking I'll go to the expensive store tomorrow and scope their selection of Amy Butler fabrics - all so pretty! Fingers crossed that I find something, as my skirt is supposed to be done by March 20 and I'll be out of town from the 11-20. Must be done by next Friday to make that deadline! Yikes....

In response to yesterday's post - as far as the sock yarn "quiz" goes - I forgot to say that I think it's crap too Mim! I found it funny that it chose blue as "my" sock yarn, when blue is not one of my favorite colors. Nothing against it, I just prefer "warm" colors.

And for the baby hat issue, I had the brillant idea to knit two hats - one blue/gree/yellow, and one pink. Baby will get the "appropriate" hat, and the spare will go to charity! Good solution? I think so too.

Off to frantically knit the sock some more. I'm so excited for Project Spectrum to start tomorrow!

P.S. Anybody know how to stop a twitch? My left eye has been twitching for about an hour and a half and I can't make it stop!


  1. Agghh! The eye twitch thing. That stuff drives me crazy. But I don't think I can help you get rid of it - sorry!!

  2. I have found that closing my eyes for a few minutes and breathing eases a twitch. It is usually a nerve ending reacting. Sorta like a leg cramp only not nearly as painful***CV

  3. I hate those crazy eye twitches!! I wish I knew how to make them go away, too. Whew!! You've got so much going on!! The crazy thing is, I know you'll get it all done, too! It never ceases to amaze me how many FO's you crank out- you're my inspiration! Your pink and red yarn looks SO gorgeous- I'm so excited about Project Spectrum, too!! Take care, Jenn! :-)

  4. Can't help you with the twitch except to say that it's not an emergency, so don't go to the ER.

    As for the photos - have you tried using a free photohost like photobucket.com? I upload my photos to that, and then I don't have trouble getting them into Blogger.

  5. I'm a big fan of photobucket too, and hey, you can't beat free.

    But looking at your stash, you have three shades of green red heart in the middle and I thought it was funny because I have the exact same three in my stash from a blanket that my boyfriend requested for Christmas 2004.

  6. Hey Amy Butler Fans! Amy is the guest blogger on my site and there is a sneak peak of her new line “Belle”. If you want to check it out see www.QuiltersBuzz.com. Thanks Gina