Friday, March 24, 2006

Low on excitement

First - thanks for all your entries in the contest! I'll take entries until Sunday night at 11pm EST. However, he could (by some freak occurence) put them away earlier, so get them in ASAP!

Second, I didn't have enough picture space to show you the beginnings of Em's shawl, so here it is. Not much excitement, just the bottom border and the first few pattern rows.

I stayed up way too late last night trying to finish the second ribby sleeve so I could block it last night, as the girl was at her mom's and will be there tonight too - a free bed! I did come to my senses and go to sleep around 11 - I can block it just as well tonight. In keeping with Project Spectrum, here is her room. It's like pink threw up in here - pink walls, pink carpet, pink bedspread. Now, I like pink, but this is a bit too much. She really wanted hot pink walls, but I had to draw the line somewhere! They are a good basic pink color and what I like best about them is that they make her room look so sunny! She has three windows, and when the sun is shining in her room it looks like she's left the bedroom lights on.

However, this leads me to an important question. How do you block your sweaters? I've blocked small pieces before (socks, lace, blanket, scarves) and immersed them before blocking. However, with something of this size (and the fact that it's been getting pretty cold here at night) I'm worried that it might take forever to dry if I do that. Could I pin it out and spray it? What is your favorite sweater blocking method?

And finally, in keeping with our low on excitement mentality, some of my favorite pink and red items - couldn't make it through the day without them!


  1. Yes, I used the pin and spray method with the back of the sweater I'm knitting now . . . it seemed to work really well!!

  2. I highly recommend the pin and spray method. It works great and your pieces won't get all stretched out of shape like they might if immersed.

  3. The pink room is too cute! I immersed my sweater, but I've read that the pin and spray method is the way to go. Looking forward to seeing your cardi!! Take care, Jenn! :-)