Monday, March 20, 2006

There's no place like home

First, thanks for all your concerns - I am alive and well, I just had spotty internet access and was very busy the past few days. However, after extensive flight delays due to storms at home, I managed to make it home at 1 am today. Sleepy girl!

But I came home to goodies! Woot!

From the lovely Theresa - a thank you gift for hosting the "It's NOT a Gift KAL." How sweet! We had hoped to meet up in Boston to knit, but some last minute plans on my part made that impossible. :( She sent a lovely washcloth (which I LOVE!), and some wonderful Rhode Island goodies - two oh-so-yummy soaps and some "Lip Stuff." All are so tasty! The yellow soap is lemony and I want to carry it around with me all day to smell it! and the lip stuff rocks - coconut and lemon - such a great combination! My lips are super chapped after the winds in the NE last week! Such a sweetie!

I also got my project spectrum postcard from Tara - so cute! Love the flowers!

And I had a package waiting at the post office from a destash sale - some yummy Rowanspun Aran - hopefully it will grow up someday soon and become Rogue!

Oh, did you want to know if I bought any more yarn on my trip? Um, yeah. I sure did.

The pastel Trekking and the Sockatta you've already seen. The blue trekking and the Mar La came from Webs. I also got the Inox needles and the wool wash there. I've heard such good things about the Inox, and as much as I love my Susan Bates, these are supposedly pointier, which would be nice for lacy socks. We'll see! I've never had "real" wool wash before either - just used woolite and it worked fine, but I wanted to try this out. Webs was nice, just what I expected. A huge wall and a half of needles and notions - everything from Susan Bates to Addi, and a TON of yarn! It was arranged by fiber content and weight, which I love! I wish all stores arranged this way. So nice to be able to see your substitution options. As I was checking out on our second trip (yes, two trips!), I saw some Lorna's Laces behind the counter. Turns out they were putting it out the next day - they don't have it up on the web yet, but they also don't have many of their sock yarns listed either. The employees were very nice and helping many customers with their projects and on their yarn hunts. I did explore the warehouse - a ton of stuff but nothing I *had* to have except the Mar La. I'm hoping that I have enough to make a sweater - we'll see!

I found the Interweave's at Northampton Wools which is a cute little store. Not very helpful, but the employee/owner who rang me up gave me 20% off the magazines. They had a bunch of issues, but these two had a few projects that jumped right out at me, so they came home.

That's it. Nothing too exciting. I am itching to knit up the pastel Trekking. Perhaps it's because today is the first day of spring? Or because Easter stuff is everywhere?

I've also been really wanting to knit up a bunny for The Girl for Easter this year, but I found this pattern at Wee Wonderfuls and now I'm considering sewing one up - it's so cute! Anyone else in for a Bunny KAL? Oh - I just found this - I may have to join! There is an oh-so-cute bunny pattern in both Last Minute Knitted Gifts and one of my Debbie Bliss books and Jess Hutch's bunny - anyone else have suggestions for bunnies? I do love the bunny from Knitty Gritty (available here) too.

Hmmm, since there's already a Bunny KAL, maybe we should do a spring KAL? Knit yourself something springy - whatever it is. Short sleeved sweater, pastel socks, tank top.....hmmmm.....

What did I knit on my trip? What else did we do? Stay tuned - I can only hold y'all's attention for so long each day! It's good to be back!


  1. I'm so glad you made it back safe and sound! I was getting worried about you... I'm so used to seeing you post almost daily. It's good to have you back!! What awesome mail love!! That washcloth is so pretty and the postcard and Rowan yarn are beautiful. The MarLa is GORGEOUS!! That colorway is, I can't wait to see that one knitted up!! I love that little bunny on Wee Wonderfuls, too. Can't wait to see yours sewn up! Hope you get some well-deserved rest soon... take care, Jenn! :-)

  2. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Arr! Avast! I'm your Booty Swap Pirate Pal!
    I be pillaging around for yer loot! Beware the dread pirate booty box! It'll walk the plank toward ye soon!

  3. Hey! I didn't know you were going to Northampton! I went to Smith. I just love Northampton. I'm going back for my reunion in May and I can't wait. A Webs trip is in the works. ;)

  4. Sounds like you had a great trip - aside from the icky flight delays. All your yarn is beautiful. I'm gonna have to check out Webs one of these days. Maybe I'll hint to my hubby for a "surprise" road trip for my b-day!

  5. Totally count me in for the spring KAL. Most likely socks. I'm going to Webs on Saturday, and after seeing everything you bought, I think I'd better bring a shopping list, just so I don't forget anything (and, hopefully, to keep me from breaking the bank). Glad to know you're back safe and sound!

  6. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I'd be in on a spring KAL!