Friday, March 31, 2006

A new member of the lamb family

But first, a better FO picture:

complete with dog in the background!

My second pink sock is doing some pooling. It's subtle in the picture, but seems much more noticeable in real life. It's bugging me a little, but only because I don't understand how the same yarn, same number of stitches, same needles, same pattern can do two different things. Regardless, I'm not ripping!
I'm up to the gusset on the second sock, but there's no way it'll be done by midnight to count for the Sock-a-month KAL. And I'm such an idiot - I rushed to finish my Trekking socks last month, I should have waited and let them count for March! Duh!

I was trying to fight starteritis last night, and then I realized - why? I think I'd rather have "too many" things on the needles that I want to work on, than only have a few that I'm bored with, and thus not knitting. I plan to fully embrace the starteritis this weekend.

I have a question for all y'all out there: I'm planning on going by a local quilt shop that carries yarn, but isn't really a knitting shop yet, and asking for a job. I'd like to help the owner decide what to carry and to teach some classes. Any advice from those of you who've taught classes/worked in a yarn store? Thanks so much!

And finally, the newest member of my lamb collection. We were at Target last night (my last trip for a while!) buying dog and cat food, when this guy caught my eye in the dollar section. He seems a bit nuts (the wide spread eyes!), but I think he's really cute. He reminds me a bit of Lambchop (anyone else watch this show?). And he needs a name. Any suggestions?

Enjoy your Friday!


  1. I'd call him "Chipper"!

    How are the suitcases?

  2. lambchop was creepy. remember the "song that doesn't end"? the horror from my babysitting days was that a kid would watch lambchop then sing that song ALL DAY.

  3. I can help you. E-mail me and we can talk. You should also take a look at our website to get an idea of waht we teach.

    scoutj at scoutj dot com

  4. Oh I have another name for you, too:

    Scith = Sheep Caught in the Headlights

  5. And which quilt shop would this be?? I love the cardi btw!! I guess that is another thing to add to the to-do list!!

  6. Anonymous7:41 AM

    well, your mom loved Lambchop, but I don't remember it being on when you were little. he is cute, but won't be if someone 4 legged gets ahold of him. call me.... is the chair empty..?

  7. So cute! and the socks are pretty too. I can't even tell they're pooling. Then again I like pooling.

  8. OMG, Jenn! The cardi turned out fantastic...and the fit is great too ;0)

    And I'm with you...what's up with pooling? Sheesh (though really it's not very noticable).

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Love the cardi. Love the Lambi-pie. Don't worry about the pooling. The pink socks are soooo cool! I have a theory about pooling--that it is the yarn speaking to us, and telling us who it really is. I like to let the yarn decide what design it wants to create. I'm always happier than when I stress over creating a pattern by forcing it to do things my way.