Thursday, March 02, 2006

Think Pink!

I feel like I've used this title before, but so be it...

First, my FO report!

Pattern: mine using Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns - cast on 76 stitches, trad. heel flap. I did do more of a square toe than I have been doing as I like it on my Jaywalkers.
Yarn: Trekking XXL in colorway 126.
Needles: Susan Bates US 1's DPNs set of 5

Thoughts: Love this yarn. I was excited to cast on for these after finishing my sockpal socks as I knew how soft it would be. And so pretty! And, in total nerd disclosure, I loved seeing what color was coming up next! I also am inordinately pleased that I managed to match up the stripes. So cool! Now if it would just cool down so I could stand to wear wool socks...

I bought some Trekking from an ebay seller who later turned out to have only had one ball and listed two, so she gave me the choice to take anything from her shop for the price I had paid for the Trekking (and I had only paid $7.35 for the ball of trekking, with shipping!), so I got me some of this:

Opal in the Chameleon colorway. Yum.

Next, my new sweater!

No, I haven't finished Ribby, but I could resist the call of this yarn no longer! It is sooooo soft! And I love the color.

This is what she will be when she grows up. From the Fall 02 Interweave. Love the collar. Of course, it is all 1x1 rib, but it goes much more quickly than 2x2 for some reason.

I forgot to mention yesterday the planned project for some of the pink yarn in that picture from Tuesday. It is 3 balls of Cascade Fixation and it is for a secret project.

Speaking of secret projects, I knit one up for my sister recently! I sent it off with her cabled hat. It is in Av's colors (her favorite hocky team). Yes, many muppets died to make this! Love you sis!

I may have cast on for another pink project today....I shall reveal all tomorrow!


  1. I would be more than pleased if I could get the evil conspiring stripes to match up... I'd be proclaiming it in all caps in the title of my post! ;-) I have yet to make a pair of identical twins, so I am beyond impressed with the matching stripes. And man, I'm so envious of your Ebay deal! That's an amazing deal and the Opal is gorgeous. The pink sweater is so pretty... but aah! More ribbing!! Maybe the ribby cardi was making your eye twitch- it sure is starting to drive me batty!! Your sister's scarf looks wonderful...Take care, Jenn! :-)

  2. I've always loved that IK sweater. What a great deal for Opal! And the Trekking socks look great.

  3. Love that sweater. I'm going to have to go dig up that issue and take a look - because I really need one more sweater on my to do list! LOL!

  4. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Cutey cute socks! I love pinks and browns together.

    That is a fabulous sweater pattern...I've never given thought to looking at issues that far back. Maybe now I will!

  5. I'm extremely impressed by your matching stripes, also! I have yet to have that happen - annoys me to no end!!!

  6. Anonymous2:36 PM

    HEHEHE! I made it into the blog! I promise pics of the house will be in your email soon! love you!

  7. I do love my whole collection of IKs - couldn't part with them for anything!