Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Odds and Ends

I've been working on things in bits and pieces the past few days and I have some small progress to show you.

Yesterday, while I had the sewing machine out, and after the skirt debacle (and I still haven't decided what to do yet), I spied the bags Lauren sent me. I hadn't sewn in the lining on the Vogue bag or the handles on Suki yet, so I grabbed them up and got busy.

I'm so excited to have these "finished!" Suki is sitting next to me holding yarn for WIPs. And the Vogue bag will be going with me for the next few days (until I get the urge to switch bags!) to school. Thanks again Lauren!

Tonight I finished one of the fronts for Ribby. Here she is being modeled by my legs.

I could have cranked this out all last night, but I got bit by the cleaning bug and spent two hours cleaning my house. Really cleaning. Picking up every pile and finding a home for it. Toilets. Tables. And I'm not a cleaner. I mean, we don't live in filth or anything, but some dirt on the floor, some dust on the TV, some (OK, more than some) piles on the tables, I can live with that.

I'm hoping to crank out front #2 tomorrow night. I'm very upset that I can't find a suitable zipper - if I worked exclusively on this for the next few days I might have it done in time to wear in Boston. But I can't find a zipper anywhere close to the right color. Perhaps I'll seam it up and wear it sans zipper. We'll see.

And finally, before we head off to dreamland, I was gifted! We kept Jen's puppies this weekend, and she brought us prezzies!

They found two yarn stores in tiny towns in Colorado, and one of the store owners raises her own alpacas and sells yarn she spins from them! One of her friends dyes it too - how cool is it to have completely "homemade" yarn?! Could make me want to take up spinning! It's worsted weight, 250 yards - what to make with it? Something special, but I'm really not in the market for another hat. Perhaps I'll have to see if the library has One Skein in yet.....


  1. Oooh, that yarn looks beautiful! Like a big piece of really ripe cantaloupe! :)

  2. It is really pretty yarn. I've always wanted the whole "homemade" yarn thing. I thought I'd get a rabbit though instead of an alpaca cause it had to be easier to take care of. Whether or not I'll actually do it is another story.