Friday, February 17, 2006

Drunken Pirates

But not so much drunk as drinking. Long day. Hard class. Lovely red wine. I was never a red wine drinker until the last year or so. Mmm, love me some good red wine.
The pirates have three (almost) full faces now. 15 rows to go (and most of those are decrease rows).

It was 85 degrees yesterday. Today the high is 38. Tomorrow we're expecting freezing rain and snow and highs barely at 30. Yikes. I'm thinking I need to wear pirates on Saturday if it's chilly. Can I do it? Can I finish tonight? I think maybe. We've got a school thing, but I might have time after before bed.

And, because it interests me, this is how I'm holding my yarn. I decided that learning one new technique was enough, so I'm holding both yarns in one hand instead of two hands. I do drop the yarns from time to time and pick up and throw, but I don't think it slows me down anymore than I already am, due to trying to keep tension and reading the chart.

However, the chart reading is going much better now. It was never hard, I just had to keep track. Now I can "read" the pattern, and, since I'm on the third repeat, I sort-of know what to do each row.

I'm very tired, so this is it for now. I've got lots going on to share with you, but it will have to wait. And if I'm powering through the hat tonight , it may have to wait until the weekend. Try to contain yourselves.

Oh, and the sock has a turned heel and I'm into the foot. Taking it with me to school tomorrow to work on during my "planning" period. For those of you who asked, yes, it is Trekking, color #126. I'm in love.

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  1. Oooh, pink pirates!
    I lived in FW from 88-98. I had a couple of Jenn friends that I have lost track of, too.