Saturday, February 11, 2006

100 things

100 Things about me:

1. My middle name is Lois
2. I was named (middle) for my great-grandmother
3. I only clean my house once a week
4. I am cheap
5. I wish I was more creative
6. I love getting magazines in the mail, but I never seem to read them
7. I can be very lazy
8. I hate doing dishes
9. I love to organize
10. I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was little
11. I get sick very easily
12. I love bad movies
13. I would eat nothing but junk food if allowed
14. Some days I want to put zesty Italian dressing on everything
15. I like cookies, but I’d rather eat raw dough
16. I don’t like my house most days
17. I wish we had money for “real” furniture
18. I hate that my border collie eats fabric (specifically my sheets and blankets)
19. I could eat chips and salsa all day, every day
20. Some days I really want a drink by 3 pm
21. I love my husband, but he drives me nuts sometimes
22. Ditto for The Girl
23. Parenting kicks my butt most days
24. I never intended to be a parent this young
25. In spite of this, I am jealous of all my friends with babies
26. But really, not sure I want one
27. I think I would like to be a surrogate
28. This freaks The Husband out
29. I like to read trashy novels
30. But I can only read so many before I feel the brain cells dying off
31. I love that The Husband cooks
32. If forced to cook, I can make an excellent grilled cheese, macaroni & cheese or soup
33. I have to have some time completely alone each week or I start to go a bit nuts
34. I barely watched TV growing up or in college, but since I got married (and started knitting), I’m glued to the tube
35. I wish we could have knitting group each week
36. I am really bad at staying in touch with people
37. My books are alphabetized.
38. And non-fiction books are categorized
39. It drives me nuts that we are out of bookcase space (perpetually) and some are out of order.
40. I wish I were a faster knitter, so I could try more patterns
41. I’m not in touch with anyone I went to high school with.
42. I like it that way
43. Neither is The Husband
44. He likes it too
45. We have a small circle of friends, but they are great friends
46. I love to entertain
47. This is sometimes the only way I’ll clean the house
48. Most days I wish money were no object
49. So I could buy yarn
50. And great food
51. I can get very irritated when The Husband reads things out loud to me
52. But I do the same thing to him
53. I’d eat out more if I wasn’t so lazy – as it involves leaving the house
54. My favorite store (after craft/yarn stores) is The Dollar Tree, followed closely by Big Lots
55. I wish I weighed less
56. I regret quitting ballet often
57. But let’s face it, I wasn’t very good
58. It can be physically painful for me to watch ballet now.
59. I love to give people gifts, and often spend too much money doing so.
60. I feel the need to use any coupon I have (especially those for craft stores) even if I don’t need anything.
61. If I had my way I would rescue as many dogs as possible.
62. When we “retire” to the county I want to train service dogs
63. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to give them up.
64. I want to move somewhere out in the country (ideally where it is cooler) and live off the grid.
65. I’ve never been happy with my physical appearance.
66. This is probably due to too many years of dance training.
67. And now, the fact that I sit around all night and knit and someone cooks for me.
68. I started doing crafty things by cross-stitching.
69. I love cross-stitch, but it takes forever.
70. My mom taught me to sew, something I am so grateful for.
71. I cannot wait to start making garments.
72. I dyed my hair black in high school (but the package said dark brown!)
73. I’ve never seen a Rocky movie
74. Or a “Jason” or Nightmare on Elm Street
75. When I was small I was afraid of aliens
76. I lettered in “nerd” in high school – academic letter
77. I hate going to the mall.
78. I love quoting movie lines
79. Some days I wish I had done “more” to be well-educated when I was younger
80. I was half in love with The Husband while dating someone else
81. I wish I could watch re-runs of PBS educational shows as an adult
82. I am disgusted by the current administration
83. I am horrible about keeping in touch with people
84. Most days I don’t want to leave the house
85. I feel guilty for not working more
86. I wish I had more “skills” – cooking, photography, drawing
87. I love bags/purses/totes.
88. I’ve started to make my own, but I still buy them!
89. Sometimes, when I ‘need’ chocolate, I will open a bag of semi-sweet morsels and eat them.
90. I am one credit away from a second master’s degree
91. I wish I was a better writer
92. I’d love to write children’s books
93. I tell really bad jokes
94. I cannot remember a time when I didn’t love to read.
95. I cannot wait to teach kids to read.
96. I really, really love knitting.
97. And I love this “world” of friends I’ve met through the blog-o-verse.
98. I am a sucker for sappy movies.
99. I would knit and watch bad movies all day, if allowed
100. I cannot wait to finish my first sweater!

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