Friday, February 10, 2006

Cast on!

Everyone but me, that is!

I did do some training today - I got out all of my knitting "how-to" books and did some research on this Fair Isle business. And, not suprisingly, the best book was The Knitter's Handbook by Montse Stanely.

But reading books is one thing - all will be tested upon receipt of the yarn.

Until that time, I've been knitting a sock. And can we just pause for a moment to admire its beauty? (Um, we could if blogger would let me upload a freaking picture!)

It also watched the opening ceremonies with me and Mr. Stanley.

It is just over 4.5 inches now, and I am in love. When I faced the stash last night I knew this had to be the next sock. I loved the Trekking I knit up for my sockpal savior socks, and I love these colors - mmmm, brown and pink! And I love seeing what color is coming next! Fun!

On the Olympics ('cause really, we've got to talk about the *real* ones too! I want the pattern for the scarf the Beloruse (sp?) team was wearing - so cute! Most of the opening ceremonies were "eh," and doesn't Pavorotti have the biggest eyebrows in the world? Nuts.

I put Mr. Costas up in the sidebar there. One of my most favorite things about the Olympics is the "human-interest" stories they do. The Husband says "well that's my least favorite part." Fine. But I love a good "rags-to-riches" story, and Mr. Costas does them like nobody else. I just love his voice and his delivery - he's the whole package baby!

And while I may be drunken at some points during this adventure, I hope I'm not knitting while drunk! But I love that button!

Finally, in exciting news, I found a local team! Woot! And we may be doing a closing ceremonies thing - yippee!


  1. I love those human interest stories, too! I'm such a sap. It's like those Lifetime Movies for Women, only, for the Olympics, instead. ;-) I've heard really wonderful reviews on that Montse Stanley book, too. Take care, Jenn! :-)

  2. It's so funny that you said that about those scarves! I noticed that too! They were super pretty.

  3. One of my roommates was hitch-hiking in Italy a couple of years ago with some people who had just been to Pavarati's wedding. Does that make it a small world?

  4. Anonymous2:41 PM

    belarus: "little russia" :)