Saturday, February 04, 2006

KAL update and final FO for the week!

Aria has decided on sock knitting for her olympic knitting. They will be her first socks - go Aria!

Sherrill is working on the Airy Scaf from LMKG, some lovely socks and she made two "go knit" bags - love them!

Theresa has been in deep training this week - she found some help with reading her pattern, ripped her Flora and continued work on her hat and Winter Folly. Whew!

Tara is working on a beautiful Noro cardigan.

Chris blocked her Kiri - it is gorgeous!

Laura has cast on for two new pairs of socks!

Erica finished up a lovely multi-directional scarf!

E started her Leaf Lace Pullover out of her own handspun! Looks great!

And I actually finished something for myself! My first FO that I get to keep this year! And I love it!!!!

(Sorry for the crappy bathroom-mirror shot - The Husband is at work).


Pattern: Turtleneck Shrug by Teva Durham from Scarf Style
Yarn: Knitpicks Merino Style in Petal - 6 skeins
Needles: Clover Bamboo DPN US 7
Dates: Started early Jan, finished Saturday February 4.
Mods: I used a DK weight yarn, pattern called for worsted. I really wanted to use this yarn though, as it is so freaking soft.
Thoughts: I think it turned out really well. I didn't feel the need to add stitches, as it is ribbed and would stretch. And I really like the way it fits - not baggy, but not tight either. I put it on for this picture about three hours ago and have yet to take it off. Did I mention that it is so freaking soft? I cannot wait to wear this all the time. So worth the hours of endless ribbing for the final product. Go make yourself one now!

Yippee - the first "not a gift" for myself! And I'm nearly halfway through the leg on my second Jaywalker - trying to finish it up in time for the Olympics.

I somtimes feel bad about having so many projects on the needles, but it sure is nice to have so many finished at the same time! Makes one feel very productive!


  1. Your Turtleneck Shrug is awesome, Jenn!! I love that rose pink color and it fits you just perfectly. Thanks for all your hard work with the KAL updates- take care and have a great weekend! :-)

  2. That is seriously cute! I love the color. I can see how that would be a very useful knit. My house is chilly and it looks so comfy!

  3. Anonymous3:29 PM

    You know - you're the first person I've seen (aside from a model or two) that looks good in a shrug like that! Way to go - you are TOO cute!

  4. Anonymous12:09 PM

    The shrug looks great! Way to keep a handknit item for yourself : ) Unsurprisingly, I've been thinking about knitting this too.

  5. anonymous was me, e!

  6. Good luck on finishing the Jaywalker and gift before Friday. This Olympic thing is way more than a 16 day commitment!

  7. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Your turtleneck shrug is so cute. And it looks really good on you. It's no wonder you didn't want to take it off.