Sunday, February 26, 2006

On the Podium

So I did really finish this about a week ago, but I just now received my medal! Someone needs to be on the ball with these things - no knitathlete should have to wait 7 days for their medal.

Whaddya think?

I awarded myself the silver medal. Partially because I could not find any gold medals in the house, and partially because the more I inspect the hat, the more minor errors I find - almost all as a result of tension difficulties. However, I will be remedying the situation, as The Husband has already placed his demandorder for his own hat. It shall be dark red with black pirates. The yarn has been ordered - I hope it gets here eventually! He wants it done in time to wear skiing, which means I have to finish it before I leave for Boston. Um, hello? I have other things to do, like finish my sweater and socks to wear *in* Boston! Priorities!

Here is the finished sleeve - I made it 3 inches longer than the pattern specified. However, this is still not as long as the sleeve of my favorite sweater, but I think it should work. It seems long enough when I hold it up to my arm.

I have no sock pictures for you today - I'll try to take one tomorrow. Not much progress today - busy doing some pre-spring cleaning - putting away the Christmas dishes and some random leftover decorations (hey, don't judge me, Lent doesn't start until Wednesday!), cleaning out cabinets and doing massive loads of laundry. I just couldn't bring myself to go out in the freezing garage last weekend and now I'm paying for it.

I also handwashed all of our handknit socks. I had been putting my sockpal socks in the washer and dryer, but figured I would start handwashing them to make them last as long as possible. They bled a ton! And they've been washed at least 4 times before! I'm sure glad they didn't bleed on anything in the wash! My Jaywalkers bled a tiny bit, and The Husband's Paton's Kroy socks didn't bleed at all.

Inspired by a photoset by another knitblogger, I decided that I needed to take pictures of all my "want-to-knit" objects and put them in photosets. Sadly, flickr doesn't have enough room to upload them all at once, but I'll put them in as I have space. I did, however, make albums for them in my iphoto. I was shocked to discover that there are about 70 sweaters/tanks that I want to make. Yikes.

I also gathered yarn for charity knitting, but more on that tomorrow.

I'd really like to finish my sock by Wednesday, but I just don't think it's going to happen. A whole foot in two days when I have to work both days? Nope. Ah well. They can be my "M" for March.


  1. You've been a busy bee!

    I keep a spreadsheet with photos of all the patterns I want to knit, all of the yarn info and possible yarn substitutions as well. I'm a TOTAL weirdo, I know! But it is really helpful when I see some awesome yarn on sale - I can call up my spreadsheet and see if I have a pattern which fits it.

    Love the hat - I am so going to knit that. Better add it to the sheet! LOL!

  2. Love the medal, Jenn! I still think it was a gold medal knit, though- your hat looks awesome! Your Ribby sleeve looks great, too! I'm still working on my front panels... I'm kind of dreading the sleeves, but looking at yours gives me hope. ;-) You're going to be so stylin' in Boston! ;-) Take care! :-)

  3. Anonymous3:15 AM

    Nice Olympic pose! I agree, your hat looks awesome. Kinda makes me sad I skipped out on the Knitting Olympics.

  4. I love the medal! Congratulations!