Saturday, September 03, 2005

Movie night

Knitting has been sparse this week, as I adjust to the new "job." I promise new pictures in the next few days.

Last night, in an effort to appease DH, we went to see The Constant Gardener. The ankle sock went along. DH said "If you wanted to knit, we could have stayed at home." Nice, huh? But I did knit during the movie, my first KIP movie experience. It all went very well, even though I had fears of huge mistakes.

The movie was great - very powerful, and made me very upset about our government - but I'm trying to keep politics out of the knitting. I highly recommend it.

Tonight, during knitting time, I watched "Finding Neverland." It was very good - I like the way they tied the "real" story of the boys and J.M. Barrie to the creation of "Peter Pan." It was beautifully shot and Johnny Depp was great - of course.

Off to bed with my sinus headache -oh how I hate the allergies......


  1. I've heard such good things about the Constant Gardener. I can't wait to see it although I'll have to wait until it hits DVD. I've got Finding Neverland on our Netflix queue.

  2. Anonymous3:33 PM

    I liked Finding Neverland, too, although the "other woman" premise kind of bothered me. Sockbug