Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fall? Cleaning

Today DH and I cleaned. Now, for those of you who aren't lucky enough to really "know" me - I'm not a cleaner. Don't get me wrong - I hate messes, and I love the feeling that comes with being organized and seeing the actual surfaces of furniture. But, say there are a few days worth of dishes in the sink. Eh. I'll get to them. When they overflow the sink I usually take care of them. (we have no working dishwasher - human or machine!).

So I washed them today and then started scrubbing the sink. DH says "use the soft scrub stuff - it'll take care of that." Where this mysterious product came from, I know not. But it lives under my sink. I got it out. I squirted it inot the sink. Wow. That's just about all I could say was Wow. My sink wasn't this clean when we bought the house! It's a miracle! I'd take a picture, but there are already dirty dishes in it.

We also cleaned the counters, the stove and straightened the rest of the house.

Finally, DH made me chairs (and my made I mean put together!) to go with my table I put together yesterday. See, we were in Target Thursday night and I walked past this table and chair set that was on clearance for $20 - something from their collection of "back to school" items. I've been looking for a cheap plastic folding table to put my sewing machine on so that it doesn't live on the dining room table (and we can actually dine on that table!) but couldn't find one in my budget. Hello, $20? Totally in my budget. DH resisted the purchase, asking where I was going to put it - making some rude remarks about not being able to resist anything on sale, you know.....

It's perfect. It fits in front of the built in bookcase in our study/craft room/guest room perfectly (right next to my desk). The yarn "hampers" fit perfectly underneath it and DH installed that little shelving unit on the wall (we used 1/2 for the pantry over a year ago and this one had been in the garage unused). I've got one shelf for each craft - knitting, sewing, beading and cross-stitch/embroidery. Oh, and the boxes of fabric fit under the table too. The cord to the sewing machine just reaches the plug and I can push it out of the way to do beading. What more could a girl ask for? (Besides a craft room full of nothing but crafts!)

I also worked on inventoring my kiddie books - I only did one box (of 4) and have 212 already. Yikes.

Oh, Knitting? You want the knitting? Well, I am through the second skein of yarn on Clappy and through 12 of the straight row repeats. DH is winding the third skein for me, so no knitting on that until it is wound. I cast on for the second half of I Do tonight, and will probably have it done by early next week. It moves along so quickly! (Knock wood)

I'm a little concerned though. Today it was over 100 degrees. Yes, you read that right. Yes it is mid September. 100 degrees. Again tomorrow (aren't we excited). If it keeps up like this she will pass out from heatstroke if she wears a wool shrug. So do I go ahead and give it to her anyway, knowing she won't be able to wear it (without dying), or find some other use for it? I think she might just wear it as an "everyday" shrug, so I'm thinking I'll give it to her with the idea that it will get worn at some point, even if not at the wedding.

I also organized all the knitting projects into the cute bag/holder/thing that mom gave me for my birthday. Now they all live (in their plastic bags) next to the couch (instead of strewn across the coffee table).

I finished the bookbookbook2 today. It's lovely. I laughed, I cried, I loved it. Now I have to wait until March for bookbookbook3!


  1. Love the new table and chair! Maybe I should consider converting this "extra" desk we have into a crafting area...

  2. I hate cleaning too, but it's such a great feeling when everything is clean, organized, and neat (although in my case, it doesn't last very long). Great table and chair - it makes a wonderful craft "nook".