Monday, September 26, 2005

Catching Up Part 1

First: The Decemberists.
We saw them Thursday night, and although I had to stay up WAY past my bedtime, it was SOOOOOOOOO worth it! They were great. They sounded great - just like on the record, even in a small venue. The audience was really into it, and there was much singing along and dancing and giant whale eating. Wanna see? We all had to scream like we were being eaten by a whale. Love the interactive concerts! I was surprised that the crowd was so small - but it made it nice not to be crowded! If you don't own Picaresque go buy it, I'll wait.

Next, Mim wants to know if you've got your revolution on.. I guess the most "revolutionary" thing I do is KIP. No one KIPs here. I get weird looks all the time. Football games, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. The only other KIPers I've ever seen are my SnBers! I found this today, and I'm wondering what we/I can do to DO something.....any thoughts?

Also, this week is Banned Books Week. This site gives you lists of the most frequently banned books by year, most banned authors, etc. Pick one. Read it this week. Pick another. Read it to your kids.

Speaking of kids, are you getting old when your kiddo starts reading/watching your childhood favorites? DD has been bugging us to watch The Princess Bride since my dad mentioned it on vacation. We had a little free time, so we popped it in (and I tried in vain to not quote every line). She said it was "a little long." This was my FAVORITE movie as a kiddo. I rented it every year on my birthdy, until it got to the point that one of my friends asked, "Do we have to watch The Princess Bride again?" at my slumber party. Yes. Yes we do.
We also just finished reading The BFG, one of my favorite kids books, and are now well intoThe Secret Garden, which makes my top ten childhood books list. I have a lot of expectations for her to love this book. We'll see.

More tomorrow, must go finish watching Bob.

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  1. The Secret Garden was one of my favorites too, and I've read it more times than I can count. And don't get me started on Princess Bride. My bf didn't grow up in the US, and had never seen it. When we watched it a few months ago, he was only mildly amused (probably more at my quoting every line than at the movie itself). Maybe it was one of those things that had to catch you at a certain age in order to stay with you for life?