Friday, September 23, 2005

Looking up

For Sandy.

OK, these aren't my sky right now, but they are pretty!

Honeymoon morning (Tahiti).

Eclipse from last fall.

Colorado in July.


  1. Jenn, those pictures are sure to make anyone smile! The sunrise welcomed your marraige in style!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a nice comment by Sandy. Thanks for being a part of our community and for leaving a comment. It's always fun to meet new people.;-)

  3. Those sky pictures are fabulous, as are your red socks in the post before. See? You went out on a limb and commented in Margene's post...I'm glad you did. If you hadn't done that, I likely would never have found you.

  4. Another Texan with a thing for Colorado!! I try to go with my grandfather every winter to snowmobile. Yes, my 78 y/o grandfather. He'll go places that I wouldn't even imagine in the snow!!

    I really enjoyed reading your blog today!! It has been added to my Blog Nav list!!! And also, thank you for stopping by mine!!