Thursday, September 08, 2005

Guess What?

Cupcake Hat
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Why do the pictures not look blurry until they're uploaded? I swear, this one did not look blurry on the camera. Damn.

Anyway, on to the knitting - It's too bad the caption totally gives away the "surprise" knitting for today (I know y'all were on the edge of your seats!). Yes, it's the cupcake hat.

So, this made 13! (gasp) projects on the needles, but I needed something quick and easy. And the yarn had just come in that lovely knitpicks box. Love you knitpicks. I'm using the Merino Style. Soooooooooo soft. Can't wait to make something for myself with this goodness. I think it is perfect for little baby heads too.

This is just the "cup" portion of the cupcake. I'm using "Petal" for the "cake" part - more progress has been made since the photo-op earlier this evening. (More would have been made if USA hadn't taken away my L&O: SVU for the damn tennis! When is it over? Hating the tennis.)

I had a bit of trouble figuring out the "nubble" portion of the pattern, but I solidered on, and resoved it with only minor cursing.

There has been more knitting this week, but it is the rest of the supersecret sockpal knitting, so I can't show you. But soon! I'm thinking I'll mail the socks early next week (Hey, Alison said we could!!), but I need to wash them first - tomorrow. And I need one more goodie for the package. Fun to surprise someone!

And I totally forgot until I read on someone else's blog (sorry, I forget who) that I get socks too! Woo Hoo!

I've been meaning to give props to one of my favorite online shops (no, not knitpicks). It's Cher, the owner, is super nice, readily communicates with you via the email, has extremely reasonable shipping rates, and is speedy. All great traits. With the last tiny bit of the birthday money, I ordered the Flower Basket and Leaf Lace shawls.

I love how Fibertrends presents their patterns. (Perhaps this is naive, since I haven't purchased individual patterns before). I like that they come with a real photo, in a sleeve protector and on heavy weight paper. Worth the $$ for this kind of quality.

Speaking of patterns, the new fall Knitty and Mag Knits are up. I have to say that I'm a little disappointed with the Mag Knits - the only thing I'm leaning toward is Picovoli, which I was wanting to make in it's first incarnation (Tivoli) for a while anyway. But I am excited that they will have new patterns up every month - something to look forward to!

I'm glad that I like the patterns in Knitty. I was a bit disappointed with the "man" issue, mostly because I couldn't see myself making ANY of those things for my man. I really like Samus and have some lovely orange Cotton-Ease that I might try it in. I love the orange.....This would be my first attempt at cables - I think it'd be a good starter project, but heck, I can always be wrong.

I also really like Josephine, but considering my current finished object rate, this would take me YEARS (and probably cost a fortune!). I'm thinking that Flora would make a cute gift for someone, and I like Falling Leaves 'cause I'm in a sock phase right now.

OK, must drag myself off to cut out teddy bears, color and make a "person." The work of an (almost) Kindergarten teacher is never done.

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