Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Welcome to the 100th post! I can't believe I made it this far......

Lots of excitement here....

First a lovely FO photo:

The sockpal socks look so much better washed and "blocked" (as much as you can block superwash wool). They are much softer and still pretty. They went in the mail today along with the super secret project, some extra yarn and a postcard DH selected of Fort Worth.

Also mailed today was mommie's birthday gift - you'll have to wait for pictures though, since I wouldn't want her to see it before she gets it! (Haha - thought you were going to see it early.....never!)

Did a bit of beading last night - I'll show you what tomorrow. It's very pretty.

I know I had a great deal more to say when I sat down to write this, but then one of my peeps called (Jen - Jess is alive!) and I got distracted.

Didja know that the Lobby of Hobby has their knitting books, needles and notions 1/2 off this week? Can you believe that I went there and purchased NOTHING! DH couldn't believe it either.

Hmmmm, shouldn't this post be full of the reflection of the 100th load of crap, er, blogging goodness.......hmmmmmm

OK, must go watch some O.C. (almost done with season 2 - then I can start watching new episodes!) and knit. I have to say that all this "teaching" stuff is really cutting into my knitting time. But boy howdy it's fun.

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