Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Holey Moley

Tons of excitement around these here parts. Stayed up way too late last night going through the knitting books/mags marking "yes" "maybe" and "gift" with delightful Post-it flags.

Today I added to the WIPs list on the sidebar there - and I miscounted yesterday. I have 10!! objects on the needles. One is not pictured in the sidebar b/c it is super-duper top secret. It is a second, special gift for my Sockpal, and if I say what it is it will be pretty obvious to the lovely knitter it is intended for (who knows if she even reads my blog, but I don't want to chance it). I'll post pictures of it after she has received her package. :) Surprises are fun!

Received another lovely package in the mail today - yarn from Knitpicks for the delightfully cute Cupcake hat - Merino style in Blush, Strawberry and light yellow (Lemon?). It is v. soft, though the strawberry seems too orange. But DH thinks it looks fine, and it's for his friend's kiddo anyway. I also slipped one tiny little "end of the birthday gift $$" item in the shopping cart - Lucinda Guy's new book. It is delightful! I love the cute illustrations (the teacher in me) and the stuffed toys. Some of the items are a bit intimidating b/c of all the colorwork involved (and I've not advanced beyond striping), but it's a goal for next year. And now I can make my cute nephew a stuffed dog for xmas to go with his dinosaur.

If you want this book, I recommend you buy it from Knitpicks. Amazon said they could not get it when I was trying to order it from them (buttheads), plus it is 32% off at Knitpicks! You only have to buy $15 more to get free shipping!

Also in my Knitpicks package was yarn for DH's felted hat, and a sample ball of the new fingering weight yarn, Palette. I was hoping to use this for the Union Square Market Pullover from Fall IK, but it is a bit scratchy (not that I really expected any differently - it's 100% wool). I think I'll swatch it up for kicks and see how it knits up, and if a cold bath helps out. I ordered "Apricot" and I'm thinking of using "Blush" for the trim, if it knits up nicely. Another thing to add to the list!

OK, the "real" point of the post today (and the title) is this:

A GIANT hole in my ankle sock (does the word ankle look misspelled to anyone else after they look at it a lot?). First, let me say I am loving the pattern, I am loving the short row heel (my first one!), but I am not loving the GIANT hole it left on one side of the ankle. I cannot figure out why the hole appeared. I did not drop a stitch, the crazy fiber eating (only completed objects, and so far no personal knitting) border collie did not get hold of it. It's just there. GIANT. I'm hoping I can kind of fix it, but I'm really not sure how. Is this common in short row heels? GIANT holes? Anybody?

Did I mention that the hole is GIANT? Just checking. Did I mention that I can stick my finger into it? Just checking. GIANT.

GIANT. HOLE. love sock. hate hole. need solution. GIANT.

I apologize for the blurry pictures lately. Don't look blurry until I upload them to the computer. And ineveitably, by then it's dark outside, or I'm too lazy to retake the photo. I'll work on it.

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  1. Oh dear! Did the hole appear at the spot where you started picking up stitches for the gusset, by any chance? Perchance, by no fault of your own of course, might you have somehow missed out on the opportunity to pick up from two stitches below on the little crack on the last (or first, if you're going the other way) picked up stitch before you get to needle number two or back to needle one? Does that make even one iota of sense? I could be completely off, but I fell victim to a giant hole a couple of times before I figured out what was to blame and it was that darn picked up stitch.