Saturday, September 10, 2005


So there is a 99% finished cupcake hat sitting on my coffee table, but due to my lack of foresight during my visit to JoAnn's today, I do not have a pompon maker, so the cupcake has no topper. Hopefully tomorrow.

Watched History of the World: Part 1 today and DH was amused at the "lady of the night" who was out of wool, and knitting air.

Spent some time knitting the Clappy tonight - so refreshing to return to an UFO that I love! I need to finish up "I Do," but I'll work on it next week (maybe).

I was sort of planning to go to the DFW Knit Out and Crochet today, but did not want to drive to Dallas all by myself. However, now I'm stuck with the Charity scarf I was knitting to take with me, and no place to donate it to. Any ideas?

There may also have been a visit to Target for cat litter, in which I ended up forgetting the cat litter and buying yarn. I'm so weak......I guess it's a good thing DH didn't want to run errands with me today! But yarn! At Target! More about that when I have a picture to show you. For tonight, you get to see my baby (Miles) who took a wee little rest on the couch with the kitty (who until recently couldn't stand him). Aren't they cute?

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