Monday, July 25, 2005

Oh yeah, there is "lit" in the title of this blog

There may or may not have been new projects started over the weekend. Hmmmm, but no pictures today so no evidence!

Let's talk about books instead. I finished Harry within 24 hours of buying it last weekend. I won't reveal anything, not even my feelings, as to not spoil it for anyone. All I'll say is that Book 7 should be really long, and REALLY good.

I just finished reading my trashy mystery novel. As Alison noted yesterday, it is a little weak - but hey, it's escapist reading, and there's knitting! I have to say it held my attention much better than either this or this, the latter of which I only got through six pages of. The Macomber books are fairly cheesy, but I thought the first one was much better than the "sequel."

On vacation I read The Historian. My friend Jen (who is almost like my double in terms of reading, knitting, and general life taste) didn't like it - thought it too long winded and somewhat poorly written. But I enjoyed the story - I makes me want to go back and really read Dracula.

I vow to finish Middlemarch, and get started on Wives and Daughters (for KTC) and Don Q (for K1R2). I've also got this in the stack, which I have heard good things about, so I'm excited to start it.

Now that I've put y'all to sleep........Sock Pal update tomorrow! I promise!

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  1. Wow! I just wandered in here from the blue blog and am reading the exact same books right now. You obviously have brilliant taste!