Thursday, July 21, 2005

Cleanliness is next to Yarniness

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Lots of excitement here at Chez Jenn (w/apolgies to the Harlot. Last night, in a desperate search for the missing library card (crisis!!) the study got cleaned.

The study is also where the yarn lives, so the yarn enjoyed this experience.

The knitting books have grown enough to need their own space (and in our house of books, that is a big accomplishment!), which they duly received.

The KIR (knitter-in-residence) also organized the current WIP's (all into a delightful basket), as well as the PWFC (projects waiting for completion - this includes DH's first sock, the bottome of the kitty bed and the back of the stripey cardi). She also (finally) put all of her notions into the ladybug. And, she inventoried all of the needles. She has a lot more than she thought she did. Yikes. However, she doesn't have quite as many as some people do.

She was shocked to discover both a floor and a couch hiding the in the study, they have been missing for many moons. She even (wait for it........) bought colored file folders and organized each aspect of Chez Jenn into its own folder/color.

It really is quite shocking.


But the knitting, that's what y'all care about, right?

This (very shady) picture shows us the lovely pinwheel blankie. It is a gift for a fall baby (sorry Laura!) boy.

As those of you who have attempted the PBB know, the casting on was quite a curse filled occasion. But I survived, and was knitting merrily along....when disaster struck. Not one, but TWO mistakes! So I begin ripping back, out come the stitches, out comes the row marker.....oops. No idea where the circle starts now. PBB gets frogged.
But, being a good little knitter (and not a quitter - look I made a rhyme!) I cast right back on. I actually think the second cast on was more difficult than the first. But all is well now in PBB land. This has become the "knit while reading at lunch" project, as it is fairly simple (except when you forget to YO. I'm just saying is all....I wouldn't know anything about that....).

I am currently somewhere in the midst of Heidi's fifth and sixth circles of hell.

Onward, ye PBB knitters!


  1. 'tis ok...i actually would like for you to contribute one black & white square to the blanket i am making when you have time! :) i've got sarah, kat, and erin on board as well. i am making the main part of the blanket and want friends to contribute just a 6 inch or so square that i can add on. big project for me, 20 minutes for you. :)

  2. p.s. good luck on this fall blanket...sounds like a b***h, but knowing you, it will get done in a flash & be perfect.