Wednesday, July 20, 2005

All the cool kids are doing it

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Yes. You're correct. I've become "one of them." When they jump off the bridge, I'll be there (although I might be late~). I've done it. I'm knitting this.

And I love it.

The pattern is easy, memorable, and gives me just enough to want to pay attention to it.

I've dropped four stitches so far, and can't wait to get off the computer and head for more. Sooooo pretty. (But already a little warm on my lap - c'mon, its almost 100 here every day!)

I'm using this which is a delight to knit with. My only complaint is that the colors are not very true in their photograph. And they failed to mention the LARGE amount of brown in the yarn. But it is pretty, so I'm not complaining too much.

Can resist no longer. Must go knit.

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