Thursday, July 28, 2005

ADD Knitter


"That which shall not be named" (the sock) may or may not have been restarted, and may or may not be knitting up pretty and may or may not be completely without pattern/direction/sense (and it may or may not fit!). Don't want to say too much here as to not anger the knitting goddess.

In other news.....

During the few days of hell, I mean, last week/weekend, I started a new project. Hey, I had to have some distraction from "that which shall not be named." It's this.
I'm using this in the "mist" color. I looooooooooove it! The yarn is so pretty and much softer than I expected. I'm not done yet because all other knitting has been put aside for "that which shall not be named."

In other avoidance news - ALL of the WIPs saw some action in the last few days. Wow. Even the cat bed - as DH noted "that thing hasn't been worked on for a year!" OK, so not THAT long. But I get his point.

It has been determined that I have fabulous taste. See? Everyone knows that great minds think alike. I'm in the cool club now baby!


I have a fancy schmancy dinner to go to two weeks from tomorrow. Have to be dressed up, DH is wearing his suit...what to wear, right? I have a lovely black strapless dress from the Gap that I bought as my "leaving the wedding" outfit last year. It actually fits (due to built in bra!), but it is pretty simple. I'm thinking that the Fiery Bolero from the summer IK in the lovely pink Knitpicks shine I purchased just for it might be the answer. Two problems: 1) Two weeks from tomorrow..... 2) My summer IK has gone AWOL. Thankfully a replacement is en route thanks to a lovely Knitty swaper. But not here yet.
Can I make it by Friday August 12? Perhaps "that which shall not be named" could take a mini break.....

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