Saturday, July 23, 2005


I need a new bag - one that can handle both my knitting and my "life." It needs to be big, but not too big. It needs to have pockets. Handles to fit over my shoulder.

I saw a beautiful bag last night at work - it was a sturdy looking rectangle, two outside end pockets, inner small pockets and **best of all*** it was divided inside by an inner zipper pocket. This is what I really want - something to keept the knitting out of the life crap.

I know Nine West made one similar to that within the last year, but to save my life I CANNOT FIND IT anywhere on the internets. I also cannot find this bag that I saw (it was black and white, either floral or toile, canvas/fabric with a checked lining).

I am slowly going mad.

I'll take any suggestions y'all have - I. MUST. HAVE. NEW. BAG.

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