Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Another (partial) FO!

DH first sock
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So, DH's first sock got kitchenered on Monday night - here it is in all of it's "it's about to rain so it's dark outside and this is the best picture mama can take" glory. And, best part, it fits perfectly!

The pattern is from here.

I am a big fan - all I had to do was measure his circumference (of the foot, c'mon, minds out of the gutter!) and viola! Perfectly fitting sock! I have to admit, I was a little nervous to start decreasing for the toe without having him try it on, but I decided it was worth a shot. And it's perfection, have I mentioned that?

He love love loves it, and is impatiently waiting for the second (although it is too damn hot here to even consider wearing socks, especially wool socks).

I am a big fan of the book now. It is so simple to use, and I love that they give you different gauge choices - nice to not force yourself into a corner!

I cast on for the first stripey cardi sleeve yesterday, again with the good knitter behavior (where is that second sock?).

Yesterday was a delightful mail day - new EW, grocery store coupons (I know I'm a nerd, get over it), a knitpicks catalog(!), and bestbestbest part - a 40% coupon for the NEW house of crack, ur, um, Super Joann's.

Three words for house of crack. Oh. My. God. They have everything. It is better than Hobby Lobby and Michael's combined. Wow. They have almost an entire aisle for needles and notions! (Sure, 90% of the yarn appears to be fun fur, but if I don't have to order these things, I might get more done (or just buy more stuff!)).

So, might take a quick jaunt by there today. They have a TON of the fabric I like for my bags, and a great selection of knitting books (I see great hope for the 40% off mailers that sometimes went unused!)

OK, this is a novel. Stopping now. More tomorrow, including a realization about why I might like the stripey cardi even more.

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