Thursday, July 07, 2005


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So, here it is - NOT the finished stripey cardi, but another sweater I have in my closet. I found this shortly after starting the stripey cardi, and thought "Huh. Why am I making something I already have?" In fact, my cardi (not knitted) is closer to the "actual" colors of the pattern (I subbed purple for one of the greens in the pattern). But this cardi has buttons, mine won't. This cardi is 3/4 sleeves, mine will be long sleeved. See, very different!

I'm frantically trying to pack (OK, not so frantically, I'm mostly done). And worry about the puppy who has well, stomach trouble, who is supposed to be going on the trip with us. I'm praying he's not sick, that this is just something he ate.
Before I forget....Does anyone know how to email back people who leave comments on blogger? I cannot figure it out, and it is driving me nuts. I appreciate y'all and don't want you to think I'm ignoring you.

On to the serious matter at hand. I purchased two skeins of this from here during their "firecracker sale" on Saturday. I have enough yardage to make the perfect pie shawl from Weekend Knitting. I also have the pink merino laceweight, and the two laceweight skeins from Knitpicks.
I want to make the perfect pie shawl, perhaps Kiri, and something out of Folk Shawls. But what to use for which project? One of the skeins from Knitpicks is varigated, so that affects my decision. Can't decide. Must decide so I can take something on the trip. Hate decisions. Ideas? Advice? More choices?


  1. who knew you had a blog? not me! you're now added to my list of daily blog doses! :)

  2. have you seen this site? it's good!!!