Friday, July 22, 2005

In which the sock shows off

Sock takes a hike
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So. You've been waiting for it. All week. And here it is. The requisite sock/vacation picture.

The sock here is feeling the spray from Adams Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park. This is a very easy hike (.3 miles) with a very rewarding finish. Much nicer than the earlier hike to Cascade Falls, which, I hate to say, were a bit disappointing. A much longer hike, and not so much falls as rapids.

So yes, the sock went hiking. In fact, the sock was knitted upon while hiking. Yes. While hiking. Thus, DH decided that my new American Indian nickname is "Hikes while knitting." I can live with that. NOTE: If the hike is at all strenuous (as Cascade Falls sometimes was) you will begin to sweat. The sock does not like this and will stick to your fingers. This is a good time to take a break. (So you can knit more, right?)

Because you all care:
is where we stayed. Just outside of this town. Beautiful place. Nice town. Lovely weather. Easy access to loads of hiking, biking, etc. Also right outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. There was a river just behind our cabin (where the puppy spent part of every day fetching his water toy).

Ahhhh, to be back on vacation.

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