Friday, November 17, 2006

Y'all are gonna riot if I don't show you the knitting soon

But I had another loooooooonnnng day yesterday, so no pictures here. In fact, there wasn't much knitting the past two days. My class had their yearly "program" last night, so much of the week we've spent practicing, and we're leaving town tonight, so we've been frantically cleaning/laundering/packing in our home time. We're really probably ready to go, but I hate this rushed feeling.

We made a pit stop at Target last night to get tights for The Girl, and came home with a *few* other items. Including these.

Couldn't resist. I also got some cute sheepy slippers, but I cannot find a picture anywhere on the internets to show you. Take my word - they are cute.

I have a good deal of knitting packed, mostly because of the two 17 hour car rides, and because I'm near the end of several projects. I hope to return with a few FOs. I do have one FO to show you, but it's my sister's birthday gift, so that will have to wait until I gift it.

Don't forget that Knit Unto Others starts tomorrow. Who will you be knitting for?


  1. Too cute - have a great night!

  2. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I've been catching up on posts and noticed you read Maggie Sefton's book...I'm almost done with it and kind of disappointed that there's very little knitting! I'm on pg. 200 and waiting for someone to tell her she's knit too many rows...that's the last mention of her pink sweater in so many pages. It sounds like you had the same reaction.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Cool...sock monkey pjs!!!

  4. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a safe trip. Thanks to the link for Knit Unto Others KAL. I've signed-up and I'm working on the last few rows of project number one.

  5. Have a great trip. Looking forward to seeing those FOs!

  6. Those are really cute jammies! I bet the sheep slippers are adorable.