Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's all uphill from here

How'd I do? Not so great.

October Goals:
1. Start and finish dinosaur. STARTED
2. Finish green socks. - second sock half done
3. Finish Trekking socks. - second sock almost half done
4. Finish purple socks. DONE
5. Back of Central Park Hoodie done. - half done
6. Body of Licorice Whip done. DONE
7. Work on Leaf Lace. TWO ROWS DONE
8. Finish gift socks #1. - first sock almost half done
9. Work on grey socks DONE! I did about 8 rows last night, but that counts!
10. Start gift socks #2. - STARTED
11. Start hubbo's xmas socks. STARTED
12. Start socks with All Things Heather Yarn. STARTED AND FINISHED
13. Start socks with some of birthday yarn before hubbo takes it away (he's threatening). ONE DONE!
14. Work on dye-o-rama socks - RIPPED
15. Work on Lacy Scallops socks - NOT DONE

I sure didn't finish as much as I wanted. I wonder if the umpteen trillion pairs of socks I kept casting on for had anything to do with that??????

So, what's in store for November?

1. Finish dinosaur
2. Start and finish secret gift knit
3. Finish green socks
4. Finish Trekking socks
5. Finish back of Central Park Hoodie and start sleeves/fronts
6. Finish Licorice Whip
7. Finish Leaf Lace
8. Start and finish Gift scarf 2.
9. Work on some of the trillion socks.
10. Work on Glastig.
11. Work on My So Called Scarf.
12. Finish two sets of dishcloths.
13. Knit two ornaments.
14. Work on gift socks.

I really want to FINISH some things this month. Not start anything new (that's not a holiday gift), but I *might* start a new sweater. We'll see.

Also, I'm going to try to be good. No new yarn for me until after Christmas. I have plenty of yarn, and plenty of projects already started. We'll see if I can be good. Oh, and some has already been ordered, so it doesn't count. I will have to order a bit more for gift knitting, but that also doesn't count, of course. :)


  1. You did do a great job in October - look at all the things you started! Now for the finishing . . .

  2. Jenn, you crack me up. No new yarn, except of course for all this new yarn. Ha!