Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How fetching

And the finished objects just keep on coming!

Pattern: Fetching from Knitty.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran - not sure of the colorway. Pretty.
Needles: Susan Bates Size 6 DPNs.
Mods: None!
Thoughts: Very cute. Very cushy. If they were for me I might have made them a few rows longer. Oh, and I had plenty of yarn left over - not as close as some others have found.

Sister got them and reports that she loves them - apparently her office is always cold - yay for a good gift!

Oh - and on a different note - loved Gilmore tonight. I've been so bored this season, nearly to the point of wondering why I loved this show in the past. But, of course, I loved it because of the knitting. Well, and because there was a bit more witty dialogue than there has been. But mostly because of the knitting.

P.S. The blue blob is Icarus. But I'm only knitting gifts, and Icarus is for me, so I'm not really sure how it got knitted. Elves? It is that time of year after all.....


  1. So cute!!! Isn't that a great pattern - and because it's so quick it makes for great gift knitting, huh? Sooo, is a pair for you coming up soon?

  2. Those are so cool! I was just thinking about something for my mom and I think Fetching would be perfect. She works as a toll attendant and her hands get really cold. I love the color too.

  3. Very similar in color to my (secret) version. But you knew that . . . I made mine in DK weight and had tons of yarn leftover. Now what to do with that second skein . . .

  4. Anonymous6:30 AM

    How pretty! And I love Icarus...I've been resisting that one for a while. But it looks like a quick one, so perhaps those elves can get it done soon? One never knows. hee

    BTW, so sorry that the ISD elected in their infinite (non)wisdom to remain open. I love their response to what happens is the predicted storm hits mid-day as scheduled, and the busses can't get out or it takes parents hours to make it back from work: 'Well we can always put the children up safely at the schools.' Yeah. As a parent that makes sense to me. Idiots. Unfortunately our school also runs on the same schedule...so I now hate the ISD.
    Anyway, may you have much knitting and cookie making soon.

  5. Lovely - will you share your FO mojo, please!

    Hmm, I wonder who's been sneaking into your house and working on that shawl to make it look as if you aren't totally focused on gift knitting...