Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Warm feet

Here in Texas the weather is always a topic of conversation. This is most true whenever there is the slightest possibility of "Weather." That possibility looms tonight - a winter storm warning is in effect. What makes this really odd is that we're currently having a good-sized thunderstorm and just came out of a tornado watch. At any rate, we're taking bets on whether or not we'll have school tomorrow - with all the overpasses and the idiot drivers, they usually err on the side of caution and cancel school for almost no ice. I will admit that I'm looking forward to the possibility of an extra day of Christmas knitting and cookie making. Hubbo will have warm feet though!

Pattern: Simple sock pattern from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Patterns.
Yarn: Wool-Ease Sportweight (discontinued).
Needles: Size US 2 Susan Bates DPNs.
Dates: Started way back in May. Finished Saturday November 25.
Thoughts: So glad these are done. So glad. Hubbo is too, but I'm so glad to not have to work on them anymore.

I may have a new pair of socks for myself as well, if I can buckle down and get them done!


  1. Seriously, it is better to err on the side of caution when it comes to ice on the roads. Especially in warmer climates where people don't know how to deal with it. Here in Canada we get snow on a regular basis in the winter and the first snowfall always seems to take some people by surprise. They forget how to drive! And yet, we get snow and ice EVERY WINTER, not once in a while...

  2. The weather is supposed to get ugly here tonight too. Rain, then sleet, then snow. Which will be pretty weird since it's been in the 60s the last week or so. Great socks!

  3. Anonymous11:47 AM

    I saw on the news this afternoon that Dallas was getting snow. Here in Houston, we're safe from that, but it's still cold.

  4. They turned out great!