Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another one crossed off the list

Thanks to all the driving done by the hubbo, I managed to finish one project in it's entirety en route to see the folks. Sadly, it was given away before I remembered to take a picture of it. Luckily, this was a repeat knit, so I have a picture of the previous version already!

Pattern: Dinosaurs from x-treme knitting.
Yarn: Red Heart Sport in Paddy Green, less than 1/2 a skein.
Needles: Sz 6 Susan Bates Circ.
Dates: Started back in October. Ripped due to idiocy and restarted (and finished) on Saturday November 18.
Mods: No tail spikes again. Don't care for them. Still looks cute.
Thoughts: Very cute. Hope that the reciepient likes it!

If you can believe it, there are more knits still waiting to be showcased! Wow! But, in an effort to conserve slightly interesting blog fodder, well, you know. One a day. C'mon - you know you would do the same thing!

Thanks for all your sweet remarks on the sweater. Theresa had a great point in the comments - how often are we 100% happy with a store-bought sweater, but we still wear it all the time? I am 90% pleased with Licorice Whip, and plan to wear it a great deal. Plus, it's really soft. If you haven't tried the Blue Sky Dyed Cotton, go get some. Yum. Pilly, but yum.


  1. Oh, I definitely do the same thing! I even write some of the blog posts in advance!

  2. That is so cute!!