Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Wa Wa Wa Wa Wednesday

We have a tiny bit of ice and they have already closed school for tomorrow. Bleh. Now, if I had to go, I would be cheering, but this ruins a day of top secret knitting for me. Ah well, I'll have to find other things to work on - maybe some sewing projects instead.

Today I have a tiny bit of stash enhancement to show you.

One word - cashmere.

Bought on ebay - 300g of a laceweight cashmere blend. What to do with this? It's not quite enough for a sweater (I don't think), so some sort of wrap/shawl seems appropriate. But what? Any suggestions?

And for my Jaywalker socks -mmmmmm, Koigu.

This is my first Koigu. It was on sale in the Knit Happens online store last weekend, so I snatched up two skeins. No one in the area sells it, and the only place I've seen it is Hill Country where it is $12.50. At Knit Happens regular price it was $10, on sale for $8, so even though I though shipping was a *bit* expensive, it was still cheaper than buying it at Hill Country. Plus they didn't have such a pretty color.

This picture doesn't really do the color justice - it is a lovely mix of dark and light pinks, purples and yellow. I've got it lying on my coffee table keeping me motivated to finish all this holiday knitting!

Finally, before I drag myself off to bed, I cannot say enough thank yous for all the wonderful supportive comments. I know I don't respond to each of you (mostly because of blogger's stupidity), but I read and treasure each and every one. And to all you lurkers out there, I know who you are! Don't be shy, say hi!

Today my baby is one year old. He weighs *just* a bit more than he did here. Add a zero after that 8 lbs, and you'd be close. He's so sweet. He got a new stuffed goose for his birthday and daddy gave him one of the pork bones from dinner. Yum. Love you Miles Davis! Happy Birthday!


  1. That cashmere is to die for. 300 grams is enough to make a lacey sweater, for sure, or you might even be able to hold it doubled.

    Your dog is so cute. I love that his name is MIles Davis :)

  2. cashmere....*drool*

    the doggie is adorable!!!!

  3. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Oh what a cutie he is. Does he "sing" along to jazz?

  4. Mmm... cashmere and Koigu. So pretty! That would motivate me to finish my holiday knitting, if I weren't the kind of loser who decided not to do any gift knitting. LOL!

  5. Happy Birthday to your cutie patootie! :-) Oh my goodness, I am so envious of your beautiful new yarn! That cashmere is to die for. What a gorgeous color! And the Koigu- so amazingly beautiful! I've never bought Koigu before, but from pricing around, I'd say you did good!! We can't get it locally, either, so thanks for the heads-up on the online sale (and the forewarning on shipping!). Can't wait to see the wonderful stuff you knit up with it! :-)