Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tuesday is Knit-a-long Day!

Quickie update - pictures tomorrow!

Irish Hiking Scarf KAL - Scarf done and two pseudo-Irish Walking Hats done.

Branching Out KAL - um, ripped 3 times. Will re-cast on after the first of the year.

Cover Your Head KAL - 9 hats done! Woot! At least one toddler one to go, plus hopefully one for me!

Weasley-a-long - 34 inches (of 60) done on the HiP scarf!

Pinwheel-a-long - Stalled. Not worked on in weeks. I'm thinking it might be time to bind off and call it done.

Scarf/Wrap Style - um, nothing done since I ripped Ruffles. I really want to make my freakin' Turtle Neck Shrug. Must. Complete. Holiday. Knitting.

Warm Hands - one pair toddler mittens completed. Hoping to make another pair before Christmas.

Naked Stix - nothing completed yet this week. I'm making up for all those FOs from the last two weeks!

I plan to join the Jaywalker KAL after the first of the year. What yarn to use? Come back tomorrow!

Other projects -

Kitty Bed is 3/4 done.

Baby Cardi has one front and the back. Stalled

Stripey Cardi - um, no progress in months.

Leaf Lace Socks - no progress since starting holiday knitting.

The Man's socks - halfway done with the foot! I'll take a pic tomorrow. Almost one done!

Mom's Gift - about 1/4 done. Chugging along.

City Shawl - about half done - hard to say as it keeps getting bigger, but I'm into the second section of just knitting (no yo's), and almost ready for the last section.

I think I've added more gifts to the list - I forgot that The Man wants a new ipod cozie (his old one doesn't fit the new pod), and he wants it felted (of course). Jen suggested that it match his hat, so I'm going to try that out. I also think some family members need ornaments, but we'll see. And there are three kitties that need catnip mousies, so I need to get those done too.

Sorry for the long lists and lack of pictures lately. I'll have some tomorrow - maybe of FOs in the snow! Wow! Apparently it reallly is going to snow, though not accumulate. Too bad.

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  1. Awesome - you have more WIPs than I do! Didn't think that was possible. Is it ok if I show your list to my husband? He thinks I have serious knitting ADHD, and I want him to know there are others out there who are similarly afflicted. :D