Thursday, December 15, 2005

Holiday Crap-tacular!

We interrupt today's regularly scheduled blogging to bring you late breaking holiday tackiness!

On the advice of fellow knitter Jana, we visited a house down the street from her tonight. She has no blog to share this with you, and I feel compelled. It would be wrong to withold the tackiness - and I just couldn't deprive you.

Yes, they are teddy bears. Yes, they are on carnival rides. Yes, they move. The owner of the house, who is very nice, btw, MADE these. Made them twice - the first set made some years ago was purchased by a man in a Corvette who drove up and made an offer. So, if you want teddy bear carnival rides, email me and I'll tell you where to find them!

If you have your own neighborhood holiday crap, post your pictures and let Carola know~ you can win sock yarn!


  1. Those teddy bear carnival rides are too funny! Wow, and I can't believe that they're a DIY job. Pretty impressive in a funny sort of way. ;-)

  2. Great! Handmade teddy bears on a carnival. The display of them indicates a rather decent and calm neighbourhood (wait.. the Corvette dealer.. ?) and moreover very nice weather conditions. You are so in the contest! Thanks for participating.

  3. Oh man. I'll NEVER find something as craptastic as teddies on carnival rides. Waaah! :)